1 Question Reading

This 1 question reading is pretty simple.

Sometimes we don't need to have a full reading. Sometimes there is just one topic that keeps our minds busy, or one question. This service is here for those of you who want insight into a particular question or topic you have been pondering.


Once I receive your question, I will take the time to deeply tune in with Spirit and see what way the question needs to be answered. I can make use of aurareading, cowry shell reading, maybe I will use some cards or maybe I will be guided differently. Surely images and messages will come, answers and insights will arrive. And I will share these with you.


These answers can be very long, but they can also be very short.

They may be sent as a voice message or as text via email. 

It all depends on what Spirit guides me to do. 

And that is where my trust lies.

If you are interested in this service, you can book a reading by clicking on the button below:

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