At home retreat

An `at home retreat` session is a guidance for you to create your own retreat that can be held at your own home. I won`t be creating it for you, I won`t be offering you meditations or other tools. I will coach you in a way so that after our session you have a template of a retreat that fits you, your reality, schedule and circumstances.


Sometimes we are convinced that a retreat is something that needs to happen outside of our home, organized by other people or when we have free time or holidays. But a retreat is something that can happen in so many different ways and with different intentions. We retreat to remove ourselves from our distractions and to tune deeper into our core, within ourselves.

We will tune in with your own intuition, set an intention for the retreat and look at the practicalities until it becomes clear how the retreat can be done. Everything will be created in a way that suits you and that feels the best for you. I find it important that at the end of the session you feel joy and motivation to do the retreat.


The only thing that is really necessary for doing this session is that you are motivated, committed and disciplined to do this. As the retreat is something you will do yourself, you need to be able to count on yourself that you will really do the retreat that will be created.


We will have one video call to create the retreat together. After that video call I will send you a document with some notes of the created retreat. There is an opportunity to have a coaching call after the retreat, but this is optional.