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Conflict Resolution Ceremony

conflict solving ceremony

Is there someone in your life with whom

  • you feel things aren’t flowing?

  • you have misunderstandings?

  • there is tension or dissonance?

  • too much has happened that it is difficult to continue?

  • you are not able to speak maturely about things that matter?

  • it is difficult to express your needs?

  • it has been a long time you properly talked about what’s going on for both of you?

  • you just feel it would be good to make time for one another to talk?

  • you can’t have a conversation without being triggered or becoming angry?

  • you get along with well but you feel there are unspoken things that make the relationship less authentic?

you are in a conflict?

Is there someone you really love but can’t get along with lately? Towards whom you have built resentment? Do you have trouble understanding your partner, family member, friend or colleague? Do you wish this person understands you better?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, I have something to tell you!

It IS possible to:

  • talk with each other in a respectful way

  • really listen to one another

  • clear the air

  • understand each other again

  • resolve the tension and conflict

  • create harmony!

This Conflict Resolution Ceremony, Mpatapo, is the ideal way to clear the air & resolve the unspoken energies that are hanging between the two of you!

How does it work?


Super simple!


You can do this ceremony with your partner, friend, family member, colleague, or anyone else that you have a relationship with or with whom there is some tension, misunderstanding, conflict or energy to be cleared.


  • Ask if the person is interested, open and willing to do this ceremony with you.

  • You pay 36,50 euros. 

  • You receive all information + access to the Ceremony. 

  • Together you follow the different steps to go through the Ceremony. You need a computer & access to the internet to do this. You can do the Ceremony in real life, next to one another or via Zoom. 


The conflict ceremony consists of:

  • 6 Videos (in total 1.5 hours) with instructions and presentations.

  • 5 Exercises (timing: depends how long you work on them)

  • 1 End ritual 

  • 1 Bonus exercise


You can read more about the ceremony here: What makes this Conflict Resolution Ceremony different?

The most important thing is that both parties are willing to work on the relationship & to make time for it! Make sure you can’t be bothered or interrupted. 

mpatapo adinkra

How long does the Ceremony take? 

The ceremony takes between 2.5 and 3 hours, but it can also be longer, depending on how much time you spend on the exercises. Although it is advisable to do the Ceremony at once, it’s also possible to do the ceremony in two pieces if it is difficult for you to have this amount of free time right away.


It is difficult for me to take the first step. What can I do?

It can be difficult to take the first step to talk things through with your partner, friend or family member. Sometimes it can be difficult to resolve things on your own. Sometimes there is some resistance to start the conversation. It could also be because you really feel hurt, scared or there is so much anger inside you, that there isn’t one hair on your head that thinks about taking the first step, let alone resolve the conflict. These are your emotions talking, even though deep down inside you love the person and it would feel better if the issues are resolved.


I know, it can be difficult to take the first step. This Conflict Ceremony can help with it. Through videos, I will guide you step by step. In this way, you won’t be doing it alone. The only thing you need to do is propose to the other person if she/he is willing to go on this journey with you!


There is also a possibility to do this conflict ceremony through Zoom, if you are far away from one another or if you feel it would be better to do it through a video call first. This can help when it is difficult to face one another in real life right away.


What makes this Conflict Resolution Ceremony different?

This ceremony is a pathway that you just need to follow. You don’t need to think about how to resolve the conflict or how to have those difficult conversations. I already did this thought process for you. 


This ceremony include teachings about conflicts, how to relate to one another in a respectful way, and how to practice non violent communication. There are short breathing & energetic exercises that help with guiding the whole process. There are comprehensive exercises that can transform energies. And there is also a powerful ritual at the end, which amplifies the power of the whole ceremony & the clearing of energies. A lot of the exercises are created in such a way that you first can write things down individually before you share. This makes it less scary to share certain things.


When done correctly and completely, this Conflict Resolution Ceremony has the power of multiple therapy sessions. But you only pay 36,50 euros to get access to this ceremony! 


Because it is a Ceremony, things are not only done in a cognitive way. There is also space for feeling and experiencing. There is space for sharing what’s going on for you, for understanding the other person, but also for coming up with solutions & looking into how or in which way the relationship can continue.

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Why should I do this Conflict Resolution Ceremony?

The reason why you should do this ceremony is totally up to you ! 


But there is something I can tell you! First of all, the less tension, stress, suppressed emotions, unspoken energies or conflicts you have in your life, the better you feel. It contributes to your well being & reduces the chances that you’ll get sick!


Secondly, so many conflicts, misunderstandings and chaos in relationships in this world are due to ‘being hurt’, trauma, or pain that still lives within us from when we were younger. Our upbringing, experiences, beliefs, expectations, background and personality, shapes who we are and how we feel. But if we can look at a person with the eyes of compassion, with an open heart, with the glasses of understanding, things can change and shift. This conflict resolution ceremony is also an ideal way to get to know or heal old pains. Sometimes even generational pains. Energetically this reaches way further then we can comprehend.


The more people resolve their problems and conflicts with one another on a micro scale, the more it also adds to the energy of the world and brings more harmony on a macro scale. So if you are someone who wants peace in the world, you can actually start to contribute by working on yourself ;-)

Are there conditions to do the Conflict Resolution Ceremony?

  • It is very very important both parties are open and willing to do this. If only 1 person wants to do the Ceremony, it is not going to work.

  • You need to be able to make the time for one another to really sit together without being interrupted. If you can’t make this time, that also already says a lot about how willing you are to work on your relationship ;-) Make that time!

Can we also do the Ceremony if we don’t have a conflict?

Of course! Any relationship can benefit from this Ceremony. Although this ceremony was created for people who need to clear the air, you don’t need to be in a ‘real’ conflict to do this ceremony. Simultaneously this ceremony is created in such a way that you can make time to connect with one another or talk a bit deeper about certain things that are going on with you, especially when you have known each other for a long time or a lot of things have happened over the years. It is even recommended to do this ceremony or similar exercises and sharings regularly with your partner. If you already share open, honest and extensivellt with each other and know from one another what's going on, if you have the feeling there is "no need to clear the air", then this ceremony maybe isn't the best fit. If you really can't resist, you can still do the ceremony. Maybe you will finish some exercises or maybe they aren't relevant, meanwhile other exercises are. By doing this ceremony you nourish and bless your relationship, that's for sure! 


Do you have doubts or questions about this ceremony? Not sure if it is something for you?

It is normal that sometimes there is some doubt lingering in our minds. You can always send me an email to if you’re interested or want to chat about it before you buy! I am sure our interaction will help to ease your doubts.

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