Cowry shell session

Cowry shells have been a representation of abundance and (spiritual) wealth in Africa for ages. I consider them as living beings and it feels important to treat them with respect. They are a portal to a different dimension where wisdom, knowledge and insights can be brought forward.

With a cowry shell reading I connect with you in real life or through a video call on a set date and time. I use the cowry shells to bring messages through. In that, the messages that come through can be anything, but mostly what is needed for you to hear or for your healing at that time will come forward.


It`s unpredictable how long the cowry shell session will last. It can be 30 minutes or an hour. There is no real structure and it is difficult to put limits on this session because I totally follow Spirit and the cowry shells. In a way, anything can happen.


At the end of the cowry shell reading there is space to ask some questions. I record the session and send an audio recording afterwards.