Inner child work session 

Why inner child work?
In our lives we sometimes keep on attracting and experiencing the same pain over and over again. Most of the time the pain we experience is a repetition of pain we already experienced as a baby or a child. Or even in the womb. When this pain arises again in a situation, we often go into the roll of a victim. `Why is this happening to me?`. As long as we stay in this position it is difficult to understand that we have the power to change certain situations ourselves. It is in the understanding that we can take ownership of our own healing and life, that the process of healing can start. The more we heal this pain, fear, anger, grief or insecurity that lives within ourselves, the more our outer reality and situations can change too. This is something that is a life journey. I sometimes think of an onion when I think about myself and certain things I am healing within myself. The first moments I consciously started healing something, the first layers fell off. Every time I commit to healing that thing, more layers fall off. I also feel less triggers or less pain around it in situations. I feel now I am closer to the root, but still I consciously want to work around it.

What is inner child work?
Inner child work is a very profound way of healing certain pains, traumas, fears, insecurities, sadness, numbness, confusion and so on. A lot of times the triggers we have in our lives our the best `signs` that there is something that can be healed. There is a child within us that never grew up, still has some wounded parts. Inner child work can be done in different ways, it is about connecting with the child within you. Hearing that child, seeing that child. The more we connect and work with this child within us, the more we are in the process of healing. An inner child work session with me will be like a guided visualization, which can bring up deep, unconscious emotions. After doing an inner child session together, you could also try to continue this on your own, depending on what feels best for you.

How does an inner child session work?
We connect in real life or online, through zoom. First, we will talk about the topic, trigger, pain you want to work around. If you can`t choose and you have more issues that are present, we can choose one together. After that, I will lead you through a visualization exercise where your own inner child will guide you to what needs to be healed. I will be with you the whole time and anything that happens during the session, is what needs to happen.

The session can be between 1 hour and 2 hours. I follow the rhythm of your inner child and because of that the timing can be different for everyone or every session. If you want to book a session, you can click on the button below: