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Sungyata - Community Center in Ghana

Multifunctional Community Center


Deep in the mystical mountains of Kwahu, in one of the oldest communities of the region, we're creating a beautiful center.


The name of this Kwahu Sanctuary is Sungyata. It is a home for the youth of Kwahu, and the broader local and international community. By creating a space where people can share food and drinks, participate in workshops and other events, and converge for personal as well as community growth and healing, we can generate income that will go into projects designed for the youth of the community. 

The Kwahu Sanctuary is a space where people can come together, feel at home, connect with nature, create, learn, grow, and find their true selves.

Maybe all of this sound a bit abstract? Don't worry!


I have created some content to show you more about the project. Below you'll find a short video, a pitch deck, and a background document. You also find information about how you can help!


Feel free to explore! It is an honor to know that you're taking the time to learn about this special project.

With love,

Ama Boakye

This 4 min. video provides a bit of the background about the center, and images of the area where it is being build.

The Pitch Deck consists of 14 slides. It provides more information about this project. You can find the pdf version here.

ENG screenshot pitch.png

If you want to read more, check out the background document below.

I highly recommend this if you want to deeply understand the purpose of the Sungyata.

This document contains the following details about Sungyata:

  • The vision

  • Why the center is being created

  • The values of the center

  • How the center will work

  • What the youth program will look like

  • What the center will look like (all architectural 3D images you see are made by Longitude 0 Group)

  • The current status of the project

  • The budget needed

  • Information about the founder

  • How you can contribute


Click on this image to read the background document. 

Sungyata background doc

Once in a while I make youtube videos to show you the building process. You can follow the Youtube Channel here. You can also follow our Instagram page @sungyata. Here you find the youtube videos with updates:

How can you help?


There are different ways you can help make this beautiful center become a reality:

1. Make a financial contribution!

  • (Transfer)Wise:

  • Bank account:
    Hannah Boakye
    IBAN: BE56 9731 7221 9288
    Mention: Kwahu Center Donation


2. Share !

  • Talk about this Center with friends and family.

  • Share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media

  • Share tis link or the fundraising link with people who might be interested in donating.

  • Share your enthusiasm ;-)

3. Be part of the fundraising team!

  • Creating fundraising events

  • Exploring grant opportunities

  • Expanding on funding ideas

  • Etc. You can always contact me for this!


4. Buy the beautiful NFT 'Lioness'.

  • 25 % of the total amount goes to this project!

  • Check it out here.

5. Offer a skill.

Maybe you have a skill that is needed for the development of the Center now or in the future (for example: social media management, graphic design, promotion, expert/guest speaker/teacher, …)

6.Sending love & good vibes!

No words needed! All the love, good vibes, joy, health, abundance, harmony, success, and offerings are always welcome. We are forever grateful!!

Mentor Her Ghana Girls in Kwahu

Do you want to ask or discuss something about the project?


Contact me by sending an e-mail to

Looking forward to hear from you.

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