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Mind's Eye Healing

Once upon a time, we knew how to move energy. The power of energy work was a given. Naturally, we were able to transform and heal ourselves, so that situations in our lives would change, too.


Different ways of doing this existed. And moving with the flow of Spirit and creation, every once in a while new techniques were created.

  • Do you feel tired or stressed? Are you in need of relaxing?

  • Do you want your energetic body to align again with your purpose?

  • Do you feel heavy and do you want to have a clearing of your energy field?

  • Is there a specific topic you feel blocks around that you want to clear?

  • Are there deeply rooted or old things stuck in your energy field that you feel you can't clear on your own?

  • Have you been talking a lot about what's going on for you and are you ready to work on an energetic and subconscious level now?

    Are you in need of an energetic healing session? If any of these questions feel true for you, Mind's Eye Healing is something for you!

Different healing modalities work on the energetic level


Reiki and similar energy healing techniques are well-known. There are other healing techniques like soul retrieval, emotion code, inner child work, sound healing, and so on. They all work on an energetic level and eventually can shift things in the physical. These healing modalities shift things we can't always perceive with our eye, but have long lasting effects. They work on a deeper, subconscious level than just the cognitive, rational side of things.


Minds Eye Healing works just like that! 

Mind’s Eye Healing can help you get back your energy, it can move deeply rooted pains or blocks. Therefore, it can shift and change things in your life! It can balance your chakras and aura. It can heal things in your energy field.

"Mind's Eye Healing was like a journey through my own being, where Ama took me along and introduced me to all the pieces of myself that needed healing.

I could see, understand and feel them all.

Afterwards I felt as if I was on a love cloud.

Ama's healings may seem banal if you look at it rationally, but they go very deep if you listen to your feeling and actually allow the healing."

~ L. , Belgium

I work with my mind's eye on your energy field

While you relax and lie down on a couch or bed, I work with my mind's eye with your energy field. I start with a verbal permission. I use my voice and instruments when needed, to clear unwanted energies or blocks. It is a visual and sound healing trip. Images come to the forefront that tell me what needs to be healed. Together with sound healing and our transitioned ancestors & spiritual guides that are experts in healing, we move energy and start a healing process.

You can come with a specific question or topic you want to work around or that you want to heal. It's also possible to do a general healing or clearing. Most of the time, the information and the healing comes out of specific chakras or parts of your body. Sometimes, there is also something that needs to be aligned in your aura. It can appear that the messages that come up have nothing to do with what you are going through, but most of the time the thing you think you are going through has a deeper root than you may imagine. Sometimes different topics are also linked with one another.

Mind's Eyes Healing for you!

Healing session with use of images, instruments and voice.


The session happens through a video call on Zoom.


- You lie down, listen & experience.

- I use my third eye to do the healing. I start with a small prayer and protection, and then I continue with clearing the things that show themselves to me. If there are specific issues you want to address, they can be explained in the end so we focus on them. If you want to focus on a specific block, pain, or issue you want to work on, you can let me know before we start.

Price: 122 euros

Duration: mostly 30 minutes, depending on what Spirit wants us to do

If you want to book a Mind's Eye Healing, mention this as your preference when you book under the baobab tree.

energetic online healing session

Integration after a session

Mind’s Eye Healing sessions are very powerful. It is important to note that, depending on what happens during the healing session, depending on what is being moved, your experience may vary afterwards. Some people feel very relaxed and light as if some weight has finally been removed from their shoulders. Some people feel painless, compared to the pain they felt before.

For others, it can trigger some physical symptoms in the body, like feeling very tired or having a headache. Often, these physical symptoms are a result of energy that has been moved and the physical body is processing this. Sometimes, a certain healing process is accelerated and is therefore experienced in the body as more intense. However you feel after, it is very important to be gentle to yourself, drink lots of water and to acknowledge that your energy and physical body is processing what just happened. This can take a few days.

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