I'm listening to your story

"I'm listening to your story" would actually be something I wouldn't offer if these times were different and we felt we could pour our hearts out to one another. Fortunately, there are some who do find a listening ear, but for others it' s not so obvious. Waiting lists of psychologists are long, while psychologists also say that many people often come to tell their story, to be heard.

If people would feel safe with friends or family, they would tell them what's in their hearts or on their minds. It is often said that in these times we are more connected  (globally and online) than ever. And at the same time, we feel more alone and disconnected than we ever felt.

​The purpose of this session is not necessarily to "do something" or to bring about change, the aim is to BE, together, in a place where everything is welcome. A place where you can tell your story, where I create a safe space, without judgment and provide firmness and stability like a mountain. A place where I am a listening ear, give you attention, where I listen lovingly and try to understand you and your situation.

In this session you tell your story. And I listen.

The story you share can be your life story, it can be what you struggle with, what bothers you, what hurts you, what you fear, what happened to you, what you don't understand, something you want to tell someone, something you've never told anyone before, something you'd rather tell someone who doesn't know you, it could be anything, anything is welcome.


This is about YOU and your need to tell someone your story.

In my listening and presence, without judgment, healing can also take place. All emotions are welcome. It is sometimes underestimated how much healing there is in someone who talks and someone else who listens lovingly and respectfully, without reacting.


If you like, I can ask you questions if it's difficult to get your story out or if you need this. I can also give you my perspective after you shared things. Yet I only do this if you ask this. It is a different thing to ask questions or give perspectives than to simply listen consciously and with love. The ultimate goal of this session is that I listen to you and you can tell your story.


- This session takes place via Zoom at an agreed time.

- There is approximately 1 hour for you to tell your story. Then we have 30 minutes left for a post-conversation, depending on what you need. This can be to briefly discuss together how it was or how you can proceed with something, some questions can be asked, a short meditation can be done. We decide together how those last 30 minutes look like to conclude the session in a good way.

- Everything that is being said in the session stays between us & within the session.

- If you are really looking for guidance, then a coaching program might be more for you. There also could be a follow up conversation/coaching  after the session of sharing your story.

- It's possible for me to open up the space for you to share your story with an opening prayer and inviting in our ancestors and other spiritual helpers. Not everyone wants this, so I leave the option to you. When you book the session you can let me know what you prefer.

- Instead of having a Zoom session, there is also the possibility to have a 1 hour chat (Whatsapp/Telegram) or an e-mail session, but then it is slightly different and it becomes more a conversation. If you are interested in the chat or e-mail session, then I advice you to go the intuitive coaching page.