Energy healing, Nyenpa Ts’h’urva or literally: `listening to your intuition` 


Nyenpa Ts'h'urva is a fusion of different disciplines in which "intuition" is the guiding principle. People compare it to Reiki. The difference with Reiki is that no energy is given.


With this technique I "listen" and "feel" to what is going on in your body and soul. I start from silence and act as neutrally as possible without "wanting" anything. It is inviting to the body, not imperative. The body itself knows well enough what it needs for healing.


With Nyenpa Ts'h'urva it is impossible to predict what will come up. It could be anything. What happens more often than not is a very deep rest in the person. Healing takes place in this peaceful state.

I prefer to do energy healing in real life because I also sometimes touch the body when I feel it is needed. However, you can always contact me if you want a distance energy healing, then we can connect through video call.