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It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go

We planted three seedlings of a Kola Nut tree in three little pots. They received the same love, the same morning songs, and the same water & sunshine.

The first one started to sprout very quickly, and we were so happy to see that little branch growing. The other two didn’t seem to grow.

Until a few days later, another one started to sprout too, bringing us so much happiness!

Now, a few weeks later, one of them never sprouted.

The other two are growing (see picture).

it doesn't matter how fast or slow you go - kola nut tree

The one that started sprouting the latest is the one with a big leaf already! It suddenly started growing quickly, while the start seemed slower.

The one that started sprouting first is taking its time to grow now. I can see leaves will come to that plant too, but for now, they aren’t out yet.

To me, this was so beautiful to witness and a real metaphor of life.

We sometimes have the tendency to compare our own trajectory with other people.

It doesn’t mean when someone else seems to be already where you want to be that you will never reach there. And it doesn’t mean that because you are flowing, going, and growing, it will always be at the same pace.

We all have a different reason to be here.

We have different things to do, different lessons to learn. We vibe on different rhythms.

And that is the beauty of it!

The blessing lies in accepting our own rhythm and supporting others in their rhythm. Acknowledging that how slow or fast we go eventually doesn’t mean anything.❤️✨


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