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Look within yourself, there is a treasure you will find.

He looked at me with disgust and inside of me I felt a fire burning. The fire traveled up to my throat and quickly became a scream. I insulted him, using all these words I didn`t know could come out of my mouth. I couldn`t believe he did this to me and he needed to know how much he had hurt me. He didn`t reply. He stayed quite, and this made me even more angry. Then he walked away. Completely flustered, I fell to the ground. I started crying and crying. It started raining and together with the raindrops my tears created a river of sadness. I looked at it and didn`t understand how I had ended up again in this situation. I dragged myself home, extremely tired.

The next day I went to a shop where I saw a poster hanging outside. A text on the poster said: `look within yourself, there is a treasure you will find`. Next to the quote, there was also a man on the poster, pointing his finger at me. It confused me.

As I was looking at the poster, I hadn`t seen that a man with a hat had walked up and was standing behind me.

"Interesting how it works, ha," he said. I almost jumped in the air with shock when he spoke. Then I looked at him with a face full of questions."It is only for the ones that read through the lines and don`t follow the imagery, that things are not what they appear to be," he said. He touched his beard for a second. "It is only for the ones who dare to look within that the outer world makes sense," he added.

After he spoke, he had even confused me more so I asked him why he was telling me these things and what it meant. He asked me when was the last time I had felt angry or sad and how I had dealt with the emotion.

My mind started racing fast. All these different memories came back from the day before. I felt the pain again, I felt my anger, my sadness. While I was lost in my thoughts and still didn`t react, the man said: "you are in pain, so pain is what you project onto others, especially on the one that caused you that pain."

I was still standing in front of the shop, completely confused. I started crying. The man invited me to sit on a bench in front of the shop, so that is what we did. He told me to close my eyes. So there I was, sitting next to a stranger, on a bench in front of the shop. The stranger asked me to go back to what had happened. He brought me back to my anger, to my pain. I cried. I cried. I cried.

After a while, he asked me if I could understand why the other person did what he did. I said I couldn`t. I became angry with him and lost my mind. "Why are you even asking that? Are you completely nuts?" I screamed at him. "I am the one who is hurt here! I did nothing wrong. I am the one who is in pain. How do you dare asking this?"

The man didn`t move, didn`t say anything and then he smiled. `So, how did that feel? Do you feel better now that you shouted at me?` he asked. Suddenly I felt very ashamed. I realized my emotions had taken over and that it was my pain that was shouting at him. It was my pain that felt it was unjust, it was my pain that said I was a victim of what had happened, it was my pain that couldn`t understand why he did what he did.

`I feel bad` I said. `I am sorry`.

The man repeated what he had said before: "it is only for the ones who dare to look within that the outer world makes sense." And suddenly I understood what he meant. "Now close your eyes again" he said. He asked me for the second time to go back to what had happened. This time I didn`t feel anger. Only sadness. I cried. I cried. I cried. The man saw that this time I was processing my pain because he kept silent. "It is valid what you are feeling, it is okay to be sad" the mysterious man said. It felt as if my outer tears were calming my inner fire. I understood how important it was to just sit with what was going on inside me. My shoulders relaxed. I felt tired but lighter.

I opened my eyes. The man sat next to me with his eyes closed and a serene smile on his face. I could see that in some way, he was satisfied. Then he opened one eye and said: "have a great day, my child." Then he closed that eye again.

I walked away, back to the shop. Before entering the shop, I turned around again because I wanted to thank the man but he had already disappeared. I looked at the poster hanging outside of the shop: `look within yourself, there is a treasure you will find`.

Although I still could not completely grasp it, my being could understand it. I smiled and entered the shop.

It is during inner child sessions that a similar healing process can happen, but also during aura readings, because an aurareading sometimes acts like a mirror. Certain aspects of yourself are suddenly easier to see. It can help with understanding yourself better and seeing certain patterns that are living within you. Feel free to read more here or to book a session, click here.


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