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The glasses we wear.

I think we sometimes underestimate how different we all perceive life. We are literally all looking through other glasses, based on our experiences and based on who we are or how our brain works. There is no pair of glasses of any individual that is the same. It is as unique as we are. Which is beautiful but also can be the root of misunderstandings.

Like, if I ask you to think of tea. Some people will visually see a teabag, other people will see plants that you can make tea of, other people will see themselves drinking tea with someone. Someone else will be thinking about the places where you can get tea. Or how different tea herbs grow and who and in which condition harvests them. Again someone else will see a colour or have a feeling. Someone will feel warm, another person will be brought back to a memory or will be thinking about the future which tea he or she wants to try then. Someone else will feel comfortable and calm by the thought of tea, someone else will feel resistance. Another person will think about how he/she prefers coffee. Someone will smell a freshly made cup of mint tea. Someone else will just see the word 'tea' in their mind or not see or feel anything at all. Another person will be thinking about that day he was standing in the rain after having a conflict with his partner when they were drinking tea. Another person will think of a song or start writing poetry about tea in her/his mind. I mean, so many possibilities, experiences, connections that can be made. And this is just a tiny example! What I mean is, this happens to almost every word, sound, smell, object, place, situation or person we think or talk or hear about. And then all these different experiences linked to this word or 'thing' create a different perception, view or reality. (I believe that is also why it is sometimes easier to talk with someone from your age or your background for example. Or with someone you grew up with, because even though there are still so many differences, maybe some things in the way of seeing things might be more similar than someone else who grew up somewhere else). It feels important to once in a while remind ourselves about this. So that we understand again how different we are and how important open, honest & genuine communication is. In this way, we can understand better how the glasses from the other one look like. Even though we can never completely wear the glasses from the other one, we can get to know them a little, we can get a glimpse of it. And then in this getting to know other glasses, we might feel how wearing someone else's glasses gives us a headache. Or makes us see certain things more clearly. And after that experience of checking someone else's glasses, when we are back, looking through our glasses again, we might see things differently through our own glasses, too. Because we have had a new experience (through the glasses of the other) which ultimately also influences our glasses.


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