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​I am on a Summer Break. I am taking new bookings from the middle of August. Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know.


Read the Under The Baobab Tree page with the disclaimer before you book your Baobab Journey. When you book your Baobab Journey, it means you agree with the Disclaimer.


As mentioned on the Baobab Tree page, when you come to visit me under the Baobab Tree you tell me what is going on for you, I tune in energetically and from there we go on a journey.


Nonetheless, if you have a preference for a session, please let me know which preference you have (intuitive coaching, breathwork, inner child healing, energy healing or something else).


If you want a spiritual reading, please also indicate this (aurareading or cowry shell reading).

Once you have booked, you will receive a personal email from me, so we can make an appointment.


If something happens and you can't make it to the appointment, please let me know beforehand so we can reschedule. If you didn't let me know, the session will be lost and won't be reversible.

Much love,

x Ama

Sunny Baobab Journey - currently unavailable

122,00 €Price
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