For years I’ve been wanting to support people in their journey, wherever they’re at. It’s because I love people & their stories. And I love seeing them walk in their strength or come closer to their true selves. So much is possible if we are willing to grow.

In the end, I believe it isn’t so difficult as our human minds want us to believe.

Life is a bumpy up and down road and we can take this ride more easily when we take care of ourselves and each other; take care of all the facets of our lives; of our body, mind and spirit.


I work with body, mind and spirit through different services. Even though they are all connected in every offering, sometimes there are specific things needed, so that healing or change can occur.

I don’t have a magic wand. Change is something you create yourself, through your own thoughts, choices and actions. You are the only one who is responsible for that.


I can be a help, a tool, an intermediate, that connects you back to yourself in different ways. I work with Shiatsu therapy, inner child work, energy work, coaching & aura readings. Through this a lot can change and move. Depending on your needs, we’ll work at a certain way.

When we are together in real life (not online), there is a possibility for other ways than the above mentioned to be used (e.g. meditation, ginger compresses, moxa, movementwork, role play, drawing, writing, game of Leela, cowry shells, rituals with the use of the different elements).

There are various ways to work with healing and growth. Also, it can differ with every person and every moment. It’s my job to be flexible in this and to look at your needs so that you can feel comfortable.

Self love course (in Dutch only)