Shiatsu is a pressure point massage from Japan, where you lie on a futon (sort of mattress). According to the Japanese Ministry of Health¹ : "Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers and palms of one's hands to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting the imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promoting health."

Shiatsu's vision is holistic: body and mind are seen as a whole. That’s why complaints are viewed from different perspectives and I take the time to have an exploratory conversation during the first session.


Shiatsu stimulates the balance between body and mind, so that symptoms stay away. Shiatsu works with meridians, which stimulate the self-healing powers of the body.


Practical information

For a shiatsu session it is recommended to wear easy, loose, preferably cotton clothing. This pressure point massage lasts approximately one hour. If you want to combine it with an energy healing, it takes 1.5 hours (or longer if the body asks for it).

¹ Japanese Ministry of Health (1957). The theory and practice of Shiatsu. 

Shiatsu (with or without Nyenpa Ts`h`urva)

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