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intuitive spiritual coach online
"  I really wasn’t sure what to expect!  I instantly felt Ama’s warmth and positive energy. As someone who is always ‘on the go’ and pretty stressed out, after the very first session, I felt incredible relaxed which was a wonderful feeling.
The readings were spot on and the energy clearings were felt intensely, with feeling lighter, energized and relaxed all at the same time. 
The work we needed to do on ourselves was very thought-provoking. I have been able to put more boundaries in and address some very core beliefs about the value I place on my own well-being and self-worth. I still have work to do, but this put me on the best path to address this.
I am a psychologist and familiar with therapeutic tools, but Ama found a wonderful blend of psychology and spiritualism and I am very grateful for this opportunity."

~ Ruth, Psychologist, UK

Participated in an online program that was the predecessor of Rooted Within


"Wow, Ama, what a crazy experience... Many things were super recognizable from the first moment. I was immediately very emotional.


I cried a lot, at things you mentioned that I am stuck in, but also at the positive things. I have the feeling that I know in my subconscious where my strength lies and that I can act on it, but it is very nice to hear it so concretely and to receive confirmation of it.

Because it is spoken, that power becomes stronger.
It will also help me to work on it more.

I felt very comfortable. Wow, your words have so much power.

Thanks, Ama."

~ Nele, Educational Consultant, Belgium
Received an aurareading.

"My first experience with Ama was receiving an aura reading. I was impressed with the accuracy and the extensive way of energy reading. She noticed certain aspects of myself, that I don’t share with just anyone and gave me the courage to move on with my journey. It was a welcome moment of recognition and conformation that I truly needed at that moment in my life.


A year later I decided to explore my own spirituality more and I found in Ama an excellent coach and mentor. It felt like a relief to finally being able to share my experiences and to receive many helpful tools and techniques from Ama. She made me feel seen and heard.


Besides being incredibly gifted, Ama is a loving and humble soul. The sessions helped me to ground myself and experience a large growth in my own gifts. I’m more than grateful for the guidance I’ve received."

~ Lisa, Architect, The Netherlands
Received an aura reading + coaching trajectory

Spiritual growth coach

"I've been talking to sooo many people about it: friends, family, doctor, therapist, job coach,... Rest assured, I'm enthusiastic😄"

~ Karen, Coordinator & Language teacher, Belgium

Participated in an online program that was the predecessor of Rooted Within

spiritual reading and meditation for group

"I am extremely grateful for Ama's services as they have proven to be incredibly beneficial and effective. I have chosen to collaborate with her on various aspects due to the exceptional assistance she provides. 

During the period of lockdown, I decided to participate in an online home retreat organized by Ama. To my surprise, I began experiencing the positive effects from the very first day. The guidelines provided were not only detailed but also easy to follow, which greatly enhanced my experience. 

It was precisely what my soul required during that time. 

Following the retreat, I also scheduled an aura reading with Ama. I was amazed to discover that she accurately pinpointed aspects of my life that I had never shared with her. This reading further aided me in gaining a better understanding of myself by revealing patterns that I had previously been unaware of.

I requested Ama to organize a spiritual baby ceremony in place of a traditional baby shower during my pregnancy. After providing her with clear instructions regarding specific aspects I desired to be included, I granted her complete freedom to incorporate anything that resonated with her. The entire ceremony surpassed my expectations. Ama skillfully created an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, guiding everyone through a soothing meditation, reciting a heartfelt poem she had written, and filling the room with an abundance of pure love.


I firmly believe that it was this love that contributed to the pleasant experience of my baby's birth. I am sincerely grateful for the radiant light she brings into my family's life and wholeheartedly endorse her services."

bobette uzuri birth received an aura reading

~ Bobette, Uzuri Birth Doula Services - Birth worker, Canada & Ghana

Received an aura reading, participated at an at home retreat & asked for a spiritual babyshower.

spiritual baby shower ceremony ghana

"What a beautiful program this was!

Through exercises and engaging videos, you gain step-by-step insight into yourself, which you then further develop.

Each module was enriching, and everything fits together very logically. By taking this course, you give yourself quality time with the most important person in your life."

~ Steffi, Project coordinator educational programs, Belgium

Participated in an online program that was the predecessor of Rooted Within


"Your course was an absolute highlight in my journey to myself.


I am enormously grateful and somewhat overwhelmed by all the beautiful insights and feelings that this course has brought to the surface. Feelings of joy that I haven't felt in a long time, spending pleasant moments with a version of myself that I haven't seen in a long time and whom I love dearly (and who is limitless!). Hope and confidence in myself. It's been so good!

I look forward to how this process unfolds further and I want to thank you enormously for all the time and love you have put into the development of this course and all the other wonderful things you do." 

~ E., Academic researcher, the Netherlands

Participated in an online program that was the predecessor of Rooted Within


"Ama is an extremely gifted reader and powerful healer. She has a profound ability to hold space and secure a safe container for healing.

I had a cowry shell divination with Ama during a time where I was feeling really lost and without any direction or motivation.

The reading provided such deep insight into the energies that are influencing my path along with clarity around different experiences I have had. After the session, I felt uplifted and a strong sense of clarity and direction that I had not felt in a long time.

Ama's group cowry shell ceremony is also a powerful and deeply healing experience.

Working with Ama is truly a gift and I feel honored to have received such beautiful healing from her."

~ Saskia, Emotion code practitioner & Wellness manager, Canada

Received several cowry shell readings & energy healings.

spiritual reading for group

"I was very excited to press play, but from image 1, I was completely on board.


I recognized myself in the light, the darkness, and the color of the images. I identified with the situations outlined and the experience thereof. It was a deep experience and a colorful visual trip.


The careful way in which you try to translate the totality of the image into a message is admirable to say the least. I'm never, ever going to forget this. Two images, a past life, and seven chakras, each with a personal message for who I am at this moment. A week later, this experience resonates. And it will continue to do so for a while.


Afterwards, I was completely exhausted. I slept deeply for 2 hours and then started writing in my diary like crazy. It is certain that it released all kinds of things. Very grateful to have received this.


~ Hannah, Cultural worker & homemaker, Belgium

Received an aurareading.

intuitive spiritual coach with african roots, BIPOC

"Working with Ama has given me direction and understanding that I could never have achieved alone.


Her sessions have provided invaluable insights into my thoughts and feelings. Her messages are unbelievably accurate and insightful.


She has helped me tap into my spirituality, clarify my career goals, and understand my life's purpose.


Ama is truly gifted, and her sessions have been life-changing. I can't speak highly enough of her"

~ Cherie, Career & Life Coach, USA

Did a 1:1 coaching & mentoring trajectory.

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