When the cowries sing
A transformational healing journey

Once upon a time the cowries had songs that would spread all over the earth. Their songs would be recognized by mighty beings and create ripple effects of healing, abundance & insight. The cowry shells are still here with us and very unique beings. When used in a ceremonial way they open a portal to different dimensions where messages can be brought forth. When used ceremonially, they sing.


On October 17th Rebecca and me facilitated a very powerful, healing ceremony. The ceremony was a transformational journey that gave insight in what needs to be cleared in the collective. And also for people who feel they are not living their true selves, are afraid to speak up or stand their ground. We were asked to also make this ceremony available for a small contribution so that more people can receive healing and insights that comes from it.


The ceremony starts with a cowry shell reading, led by Ama, to see what needs to be cleared. Then Rebecca continues with a sound healing where multidimensional beings bless us with their presence and help the healing and transformation process.


The healing that occurs during this ceremony works on an energetic and spiritual level. This is deeply transformative work that can have ripple effects for weeks, even months later. Sometimes our mind doesn’t understand but our spirit does!


This healing ceremony is for you if... 

- you want insights about what needs to be cleared in the collective at this moment in time

- you are scared to speak your truth or say what you really think

- you want to clear things that are blocking you from living your true potential

- you feel confused or overwhelmed

- you want to stand in your power

- you want to awaken your inner leadership

- you are losing trust in yourself, in humanity or in the future

- you feel you would like healing and alignment 

- you want a powerful, transformative, multidimensional but relaxing healing ceremony

- you want to feed your soul and spirit

- if you feel alienated or alone in your world view and are not sure where you fit in

- if you would like to see change in yourself, the world or in others but not sure how it will happen 

Practical information:

- The ceremony is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

- When you watch the ceremony make sure you are alone & are not disturbed for the entire time.

- The ceremony costs 11 euros.

- When you buy the ceremony, you receive a document with more information and the link to the video of the ceremony.

- You have access to the ceremony for a lifetime.

Information about facilitators:

Rebecca Hanratty is a deeply feeling woman who listens to the whispers of spirit and is guided by the current of life-giving waters. She loves to laugh and giggle with spirits. Born in Canada, she has lived in many different provinces and cities, and now resides in Treaty no. 6 Terrority (Edmonton, Alberta).  Rebecca is a certified intuitive coach, certified sound healer with a focus on shamanic practices, an energy healer with a speciality in past life integration, generational healing, inner child work and land healing, and is a certified holistic nutritional practitioner. Her spiritual practice is with multi-dimensional beings including, and not limited to:  Ancestors, Land Spirits, Star Beings, the Little People and Mother Earth.  During sound sessions these sacred beings, along with her spirit, emit frequencies through Rebecca's voice, body, and use of instruments that generate transformational experiences for the receiver. She loves her work, seeing people reclaim their power, experience relief, remember their abilities and co-create with the multiverse.

Ama Boakye is a joyful woman who loves the wonders of life and the teachings of nature. She is born and raised in Belgium, has lived in different countries in South America, but is based in Ghana now. Ama is an aurareader, intuitive coach, inner child healing facilitator, group ritual facilitator, shiatsu practitioner and she does cowry shell sessions for both individuals and groups. She supports people in different ways in their personal and spiritual growth.  Ama likes learning from her ancestors in the spirit realm & tuning in with nature spirits. She loves to witness transformation in people, especially when people start to live more in their strength and talents and closer to their spirit. She also likes to write & listen to peoples’ lifestories.

healing ceremony sound
healing ceremony cowry shell