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Under The Baobab Tree

You know you are here on Earth for a reason. You know you have potential inside of you. But you are not using it.

In a way you can't complain. You are living your life, but you are not completely satisfied. You feel you are not living in your power or being who you truly are. You feel you want more, you want change! 

You want to grow but something is blocking you. Maybe you bump into the same situations over and over again. Maybe you want to go for your dreams but something is holding you back. Maybe a lot of things in your life changed. Maybe you are ready to grow spiritually.

You know that only thinking or talking about it is not going to bring the change. You are ready to do the work, to dive deeper and therefore to bring real change and to stand in your power.

I am sitting on a bench under The Baobab.

You arrive & come to sit next to me.

I listen and you share what's going on.

I guide you, I follow my intuition

and the clouds start to disappear.

The sun shines and suddenly

everything looks brighter.

You start to feel lighter.

You see your path in front of you.

You see the next step.

We hug, we say good bye

& full of trust you continue your journey.

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This Baobab Tree metaphor explains perfectly what 'visits under the Baobab Tree' can bring. Under the Baobab Tree you receive healing & clarity. Depending on the sessions under The Baobab Tree you do, you will leave transformed! You will feel lighter! You will walk away from the Baobab, with insights, a stronger intuition, knowing what's the next step and how to bring the change you were wanting. The blocks that were standing in front of your potential disappear. Just as the clouds.

And so, the sun enters.

We walk the road together. We are in this together. 

There is always a way! 

What happens under The Baobab Tree is different for everyone. How many times you spend time there is different, too. There is no 1 size fits all. I respect the differences in people, their lifestyles, opinions and personalities. Everyone is different. Every need is different. And so is the way how we work together. I make sure that the way I guide you is aligned with who you are and what you need.

What I use to guide you under the Baobab Tree:

  • Coaching (Traditional coaching techniques & Intuitive coaching)

  • Voice Dialogue & Parts work

  • My own intuition & clairvoyance & clairsentience

  • Inner Child Work

  • Breathwork

  • Energy Healing

  • Mind's Eye Healing

  • Sound Healing

  • Spiritual Readings

  • Guided Meditations

  • Visualization

  • Exercises & Journal Questions

  • Ritual Creation

  • Prayer & Offerings

  • I work on the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level


Hi there ! I am Ama!

For 10 years I've been coaching searching adults, brokenhearted people, lonely, confused and overwhelmed human beings, teachers, principals, teenagers and mothers.


Since 2020 I also work with people who want to work on themselves, change their lives, work through the blocks and fears, heal, grow their intuition or explore their spiritual practice more, so they can shine!


It is extremely beautiful to witness the growth, change, relief and sometimes the tears. I can see how people feel held and acknowledged & find the motivation and hope again within themselves to proceed.


This is why I love my work! I love following and guiding people on their journey.


It would be an honor to guide you during a part of your journey!

Spiritual guidance of the Baobab Tree.

In the olden times Elders in different parts of Africa, would sit under a Baobab tree believing that the tree's spirits would help in their decision making. The Baobab Tree helps us to overcome troubles & challenges and provides protection, shelter and comfort to those around it. The Baobab Tree stands for strength, presence, rest & rejuvenation. It is often called the African "Tree of Life". The Baobab connects with the Earth, with the Cosmos and the Stars.

The Spiritual Guidance of the Baobab is what will be present in sessions 'Under The Baobab Tree' with me.

Under The Baobab Tree it is silent, so we can hear.

Under The Baobab Tree, we live in kindness, in humanness.

Under The Baobab Tree, growth & change is possible.

You want to visit me under The Baobab Tree?

"When I went through a quite difficult period in my life, the sessions with Ama helped me to feel hope and together step by step she guided me on my way.


Sometimes she integrated inner child work in the process when necessary and she gave me a lot of recommendations of what I could do at home by myself as well.


I’m very grateful that I have met Ama and even through the online sessions I could feel her positive and healing energy."

~A., Germany

There are two different ways of working with me under The Baobab:


​1 session under the Baobab Tree

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​3 sessions under the Baobab Tree

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  • The session takes between 60 and 90 minutes and is online via Zoom

  • You share why you are visiting me under the Baobab Tree, what is going on for you and what you want to work on

  • I listen and I tune in energetically to see what's best for you at that moment (inner child healing, breathwork, energy healing like mind's eye healing, intuitive coaching, a  mixture of different techniques or something else)

  • If you have a strong preference for a certain session, you can mention this when you book.

  • For a spiritual reading (aurareading or cowry shell session), you need to check the box when you book. An aurareading will be digitally send to you. The cowry shell session is live via Zoom. Read more about the spiritual readings I do here.

  • You can book a Sunny Baobab Journey as a couple or for your child/teenager, please contact me for this.


 122 euro

  • The sessions are online via Zoom

  • These sessions are like the Sunny Baobab Journey but because there are more, it is a trajectory.

  • A free clarity call is possible if you want to know if this Starry Baobab Journey is something for you

  • Because of the clarity call it will already be clear what will happen during the Starry Baobab Journey. If more details are needed, I will listen & tune in, to see what's best for you at that moment. 

  • A spiritual reading can be integrated in the Starry Baobab Journey and counts as 1 session.

  • The 3 sessions need to happen within 3 months

  • If you want to have more Baobab visits or if you want to visit me for a longer period of time, you can always purchase a new Starry Baobab Journey if that feels aligned. However the goal is to guide you in such a way that as quickly as possible you can continue your journey

​333 euro

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"Working with Ama has given me direction and understanding that I could never have achieved alone.


Her aura readings, cowry readings, and coaching sessions have provided invaluable insights into my thoughts and feelings. Her cowry sessions are unbelievably accurate and insightful.


She has helped me tap into my spirituality, clarify my career goals, and understand my life's purpose. Ama is truly gifted, and her sessions have been life-changing. I can't speak highly enough of her - if you're considering booking sessions with Ama, do it! You won't regret it."


Cherie W. ~ Career & Life Coach, USA

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The investment you do for the Baobab Journey, helps you take care of yourself and create priorities. Therefore, one of the effects of these Baobab journeys is that you make different decisions, which can generate new energy and even more time. These Baobab Journeys are honestly priceless, because we work on the mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual level. Working on all those levels creates deeply rooted change that lasts.

The Sunny Baobab Journey is very powerful & people often walk away changed after one session. However, if you are dealing with something deeply rooted that you want to change, it is advisable to go on a Starry Baobab Journey. We are like onions with different layers and therefore deep change probably needs more Baobab visits. 

My approach to this work is that you take ownership and responsibility for your own healing and change in your life. You can only heal so much with other people. The real healer lies within you. This means that bringing change in your life goes hand in hand with working with different healers/coaches/mentors and consciously working on yourself, too. Therefore, you can't expect all your problems, blocks, or pains will be suddenly healed or changed. The Baobab Journeys are not like using a magic wand.

Nonetheless, the visits under the Baobab Tree are very powerful and have the potential to shift deeply rooted mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual blocks. It has the potential to change your life! Even more, when you are open and fully taking responsibility.


The Baobab Journeys are not for you if:  
- you expect a magic wand for your problems to disappear and don't want to take ownership and responsibility for your own healing 
- you need physical presence of someone else to feel safe experiencing the possible intensity of your emotions​

- you have difficulties with following guided visualizations (only with inner child work)

Looking forward to meet you under the Baobab Tree!

"I am extremely happy and grateful that I am following a trajectory with Ama. It's the ideal way to go deeper into certain themes in my life. It's also a good way to check in with myself on a regular basis with guidance and the ideal way to feel that I don't have to solve everything alone. Even though all the answers are within me.


Ama regularly reminds me why I started this process and brings focus. With a variety of exercises and working methods I get clarity. By embarking on a process of several months, there is really a bond of trust that makes depth possible.


For me it feels like a present to myself that I am doing this trajectory and I am incredibly happy that I chose Ama for that.

LM, Belgium

How to book your visits under The Baobab Journey?

If you are interested in a Starry Baobab Journey, there are two options:

  • You can book a 30 minute exploration call where we can see if it is a match to work together and if the journey under The Baobab Tree is something that is a good fit at this time!

  • You can go ahead and book your journey under the Baobab Tree if you already know you want to work with me. You still get the first meeting of 30minutes for free so that we can align well for our journey.

If you are interested in a Sunny Baobab Journey, go ahead and click on the button below to book your session!

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