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We Can Rise

One of the main feelings that can take over these days is the feeling of fear and the feeling of not being good enough. 

Sometimes these feelings can be there in a subtle way, sometimes we even don’t recognize that these feelings are maybe what is blocking us.


These two feelings - and thoughts that come with it - hold us back to shine. 

Is it difficult for you to:

- do what you really want?
- express yourself without holding yourself back?
- say what you really feel or believe?
- share your talents with the world?
- not care about what others will think or say?
- go for that idea that's already so long in your mind?
- jump and follow your dreams?
- put your boundaries?
- be yourself?
- see yourself as worthy of love/money/opportunities?

Tackling fear and the feeling of not being good enough, mastering those two feelings, is a gamechanger! Controlling them instead of them controlling you gives you your life back.

Kopie van we tiseo! (1)_edited.jpg

Online Teachings & Healing
2 Sundays in March & 1 Sunday in April 2023!

It IS possible to:

- say and do things in the way that feels good and aligned for you

- make that decision that you have been holding off

- go for that idea/project

- stand up for yourself

- set boundaries

- change your life

- start living some dreams that you were afraid of or didn’t believe in.


It is possible to make the impossible: I AM POSSIBLE.

This is why I created ‘We can rise’!
~ a journey to tackle your fear & feelings of unworthiness ~


Hey there, I am Ama!!

Even though I’ve taken plenty of steps in my own life where I conquered fears, grew in my self worth and stepped out of my comfort zone, I am still learning this, too. As a facilitator, you always grow together with the group you are facilitating. This is as much my journey as it is yours. 


I’ll be teaching about fear & not feeling worthy enough and I’ll share my experiences and what works to tackle these feelings. There will be experiences for you where you will receive insights and healing that help you transform and tackle your own fears and feelings of not being good enough.

I would love to have you on this powerful, transforming journey!
Let's do this together!

With Love,



Below you can read more about how our moments together will look like.


2 Sundays in March - 3pm to 5 pm (GMT timezone)

March 19, March 26

1 Sunday in April - 3pm to 5 pm (GMT timezone)

April 2

Be aware that both in Europe & US the time changes during one of the weekends in March!


Online via Zoom

For whom?

For anyone who

- sometimes doesn't feel worthy enough or

- has some fears that are holding her/him back to truly be themselves
AND is ready to tackle this feeling of fear and unworthiness!

Fear or not feeling worthy can translate itself in:

  • scared of other peoples opinions 

  • fear of sharing what you believe in or fear of posting on social media

  • fear in (romantic) relationships (fear of loosing love, not finding love, etc.)

  • fear or worries about money

  • fear or insecurity in work/professional lives

  • scared to show yourself who you are

  • making yourself smaller than you are

  • making yourself invisible or not wanting to bring yourself in the spotlight

  • procrastinating your dreams or the things you really want to do

  • acting on your ideas but not finishing them

  • making excuses why it's not the right time or why you don't deserve something or someone

  • ... and so on!


  • 3 live Gatherings

    • with teachings about fear and feeling unworthy

    • with profound healing journeys to clear as much fear & unworthiness out of your energy field

  • Recording of gatherings available afterwards

  • Weekly Journal Prompts

  • Telegram Group to support us along the journey

  • Prayers and offerings on your behalf to aid the clearing of the energies of fear and feeling unworthy

  • Optional: 1x personal breathwork session to clear stuck energies around these topics. These breathwork sessions can be really powerful. You can read more about breathwork sessions here.


March 19: Opening Ceremony

  • Introduction + getting to know each other

  • Teaching : Understanding Fear

  • Group Cowry Shell Session

  • Guided Integration & Healing Meditation

March 26: Power of our Minds

  • Teaching about Power of our Minds

  • Investigating thoughts & beliefs

  • Changing our thoughts & beliefs

  • Guided Clearing of negative mental energy & beliefs via Emotion Code with Saskia Grund.
    Saskia explains here what Emotion Code is, if you are interested in knowing more ;-)


April 2: The Root of Not feeling Worthy Enough

  • Sharing Circle

  • Teachings about Self Worth

  • Guided Inner Child Healing Journey​

'We Can Rise' is not for you if:

  • you need a high amount of individual support

  • you can’t deal on your own with possible intense emotions arising

  • you aren’t open to energetic work and the presence of ancestors and spirit guides helping us through the journey

  • you expect a magic wand that makes all your problems disappear. These gatherings bring powerful healing, insight and tools that can bring change in your life if you also continue the work after the gatherings. Your healing is your responsibility.

We can rise march_edited.jpg

We Can Rice Price:
166 euros 

222 euros (1 personal Breathwork session included)

To honor the group & to be able to work on a more intimate level there is a limited amount of spots for We Can Rise. Don't hesitate too long if you are interested ;-)

If it's financially more challenging for you, but you would love to join, there is a payment plan available. You can pay the full price in 3 months. Click on the button below if this is you ! Funds shouldn't be a reason to be turned away of this beautiful and powerful offering. In case you have a question, feel free to reach out. Make sure you first read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • For whom?
    If you have an idea, dream, project, known talent that you want to bring in the world and you want to know your possibilities or you don't know where to start If you feel in your bones it is time to ACT upon your idea. You want to go forward! If you have already started bringing your dream into the world but it's not going as planned and you don't know why
  • These sessions are not for you if:
    you don't have an idea, dream or project, known talent that you want to bring in the world you expect all your blocks and fears to be gone you are not open (meaning: you are already convinced your way is the way - so you are not open to making adjustments or changes in your way of thinking or doing things) can't take responsibility for your own process, experiences or everything that has to be done to reach your dream These sessions are the first steps. The first layer of the onion let's say. If you are scared or holding back to bring your idea, project or dream in to the world >> hold on, I am creating a wonderful new offering for this! Follow my newsletter to be the first to know more.
  • How does a session go?
    The session takes between 60 and 90 minutes and is online via Zoom We start with a short guided meditation so our energies are aligned in the space You share your dream & what's going on for you Together we explore. The goal of this session is to bring more clarity around your dream so you know what the next steps are! Ideally, you know how to take action.
  • Can I do a trajectory of multiple sessions?
    Yes, you can ! Nonetheless I always start with a Nourishing Seeds Session with someone. If we are aligned and we both feel more sessions would be good to bring more clarity or go deeper, we can discuss a trajectory. Prices for a trajectory are cheaper than booking individual sessions.
  • Why should I do a Nourishing Seed Session?
    Well, you can continue your life how it is going now. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is this voice that always comes back that says you need to do something with your talent, skill, idea, project or dream! You can keep on ignoring it, or you can also decide to be brave and to go for it. There is a reason why you feel you need to do something with your idea. There is a reason why your heart, your intuition or your ancestors are talking to you in that way. It wouldn't be in your head if you weren't supposed to do something with it. In a way, you have a responsibility to do something with it, to bring it into the world so others will benefit from it in their way. That's what we all have to do. I really mean it when I say we need EVERYONE on board ;-) Choosing for a Nourishing Seed Session is the first action to making your dream come true! It's showing that you really want to go for it. Even though you don't know how you will do it yet, the first step is taken! The investment you do helps you to get clarity, to create priorities and to even take action! Therefore, one of the effects of a Nourishing Seed Session is that you make different decisions and get clarity, which can generate new energy, hope, motivation and eventually the realization of your dream! ​ The Nourishing Seeds sessions are powerful & people can walk away changed after one session. However, if you are dealing with deeply rooted emotions or blocks, it is advisable to search for another practitioner. We are like onions with different layers and therefore deep change probably needs deeper work. Do know that I am creating an offer where we will work on these deeper layers. Following my newsletters is the best way to be up to date.
  • Do I need to attend all the gatherings live?
    You need to be able to attend the first gathering on the 19th of March. It is highly encouraged to also attend the two other gatherings live. If you commit to joining 'We Can Rise', I appreciate the commitment to come live to the gatherings. We create a safe container and energetic grid as a group, which means it is good if we can all be present every time. The teachings and experiences are also different together in group compared to experiencing it via recording afterwards. Nonetheless, I understand if you want to join 'We Can Rise' but you can't make it every gathering (but again, the 19th of March is important to be there). Please reach out to me about this, if this is the case.
  • Do I need to be in the Telegram Group?
    You don't need to be in the Telegram group. This group will be created as a support for you. The Telegram Group will be created so we can share about our experience together in the live calls or if you want to share some fear/unworthiness experiences or breakthroughs during those weeks. The Telegram Group will be actively facilitated by my until the 3rd of February. It is also an ideal way to ask more questions.
  • What am I gaining from 'We Can Rise'? What will it change?
    Your intention during the gatherings and your commitment to continue the work after the gatherings, will determine a lot of what will be gained. 'We Can Rise' will give you insights and tools how you can tackle and change fears you live with. It will make you understand the root of unworthiness & teach you how you can heal that unworthiness within you. Fear and unworthiness are the two biggest blocks for you to thrive, live the life you want, share your gifts with the world, express yourself freely, make decisions, go for your dreams ! There is nothing so valuable as working around these two emotions, because overcoming them, can change your life. We will work in a holistic way, not only on the mental and emotional level but also on the energetic and spiritual level. Not only on the conscious level, but also on the subconscious level. ​
  • Will I be safe during the 'We Can Rise' gatherings?
    Of course ! You will be in the safe space of your home (it's important you are somewhere where you can be alone and lie down at a certain point). Simultaneously, I will be the one holding a safe and loving container for you to go through your processes. In the healing journeys, you will only go so far and so deep as your spirit allows you to go. For some people it can feel unsafe to experience deep emotions or to feel into their fear. I totally understand this. The only thing I can tell you is that going through what you feel, with my guidance, will eventually make you feel safer and have an effect on other situations in your life, too.
  • I want to attend but I don't have the money to pay the asked price.
    I understand it may be difficult for you to pay the asked price in this moment. Especially within these times, it can be challenging financially. If you are reading this when the Early Bird Price is still on, that is the cheapest option to attend We Can Rise! It is very important to me that people aren't turn away because of funds. Especially during these times where we need people who go through their fears and blocks so they can shine and share who they are! That's why I created the possibility of a payment plan. You can pay the full price within three months. In this way, you'll have more time and you'll be able to pay in smaller amounts. If you are still worrying about the money, please reach out to me. Know that worrying about money is also a fear that can be transformed, something you can work around during 'We Can Rise'. ​
  • Will you offer 'We Can Rise' again in the future?
    As I flow with Spirit, and listen to the callings I get, I can't guarantee I will be offering this again in the future. What I will need to offer will depend on what is shared with me by Spirit. If in any case, this would be offered in the future again, chances are high it would be offered at a higher price. All of this just to say: take your chance now if you are interested ;-)
  • I am scared to attend 'We Can Rise'. (Copy)
    It can be interesting to ask yourself: 'what exactly am I scared of?' Just asking yourself that question will already bring insights in some fears you are dealing with. With this little reflection you already started the work we will be deepening during these gatherings. If you feel a fear, that actually means, these gatherings are exactly for you - if you feel you are ready to face that fear and conquer it. You are a unique person, we need you and your gifts in this world! ​ Sharing in community, reflecting about yourself, looking your fears in the eyes can be so scary! But there is a power in working through that fear. It can be very transformative. It's also important not to forget that 'We Can Rise' has a guided healing journey in every gathering & that there are prayers and offerings made for you, which means there will be help from the other side and energetical support for you to go through your fears or feeling of unworthiness. Imagine how it will look on the other side of fear ;-) You can do this! ​ The name 'We Can Rise' is consciously chosen! We all have some fears, we are all scared of something. Coming in group together will make this very clear, that we are all dealing with something. Sharing our fears and understanding we are not alone, puts things more into perspective. The reason why I created this journey is because it is possible to change, to face your fears and grow through it. If I can do it, you can do it to! You can grow out of your fears and out of the feelings of unworthiness. You can rise!!
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