Ready for a deep dive into yourself?

Spiritual and personal growth doesn't come by itself. The decisions we take on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level influence where we are and can facilitate our growth and healing. Ready for changing your life & diving deeper into yourself? I can help you! Let's do this together!

When we look at our shadows, we also see our light.

A lot of times we don't take time to stand still and to dive deeper into ourselves. To connect with our spirit. It can be scary, this deep dive, I know.  But it is also exciting! What if I tell you there is a way?

It only takes courage, patience, an open mind and the willingness and commitment to grow and look at yourself. This journey of self-development can be difficult, but it is when we look at our shadows that we also see our light. It can be extremely empowering and put you in your strength. Curious how that is possible?


It can be scary to look at yourself, right?

Sometimes we fear to look at the person we hang out with the most , that one person that is there from the day we are born until the day we die: ourselves. Sometimes we don't want to feel the emotions that are hiding underneath, sometimes we don't want to hear the words that can be confrontational.


We distract ourselves with different things, we keep ourselves busy so we avoid that one thing that is actually asked to be looked at. We feel disconnected from ourselves and maybe even from others. And when we don't look at ourselves, we also don't see our beauty. We can feel insecure, alone, lost, unhappy or confused. We can have the feeling that we don't know what our purpose is, what our talents are or what we are doing here on this beautiful planet Earth.

There is no one like you!

But I can tell you: YOU are here for a purpose! YOU are unique! There is no one like you and we need you to walk in your strength, in your talents, in your potential, in your medicine. We need you to be who you are! And it is SO possible!

I can help you in this journey into self discovery and awareness. I offer different spiritual readings, healing and coaching sessions. Sometimes there are also some group gatherings. You can find more below.

I’m happy you are here, you are welcome.
I would say: take a look and feel at home.


With Love,


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"Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart

and try to love the questions themselves
as if they were locked rooms
or books written in a very foreign language


Don't search for answers which could not be given to you now
because you would not be able to live them
and the point is to live everything

Live the questions now
Perhaps then, someday far into the future,

you will gradually, without even noticing it,

live your way

into the answer."

- Letters to a young Poet by Rilke

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