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Self-development and spiritual growth in the way that suits you best!

Do you want to get to know yourself and your life purpose better and are you looking for guidance? Do you want to increase your self-love and experience its power? Are you looking for clarity and insights about your life, your patterns or talents? Do you want to create space for yourself and your emotions so that you feel lighter, so that old pains can transform? Do you want to change your life by working on yourself or getting closer to yourself? Or are you looking for something more, are you looking to live more spiritually? The answers to these questions will be different for you than for anyone else. Personal development differs for everyone and that's what I find exciting!

My name is Ama and I like to guide people who want to get to know themselves better and develop themselves, mentally and emotionally, as well as energetically and spiritually. Do you want more self-insight, self-confidence and acceptance of yourself? Ready to change your life and dive deeper into yourself? Let's do this together! 

More clarity and clarification in your life through self-insight

It is enlightening to gain more insight into who you are. Maybe you are searching or looking for your life purpose. You may feel that there is something more or that something is missing or that you want to grow but don't know how to start. Sometimes you have difficulties with yourself. Or maybe relationships are difficult and you wonder how you can get out of a certain situation. You may want to improve your self-image or develop more selflove. Change or progress in your life is then what you long for. However, it is sometimes not obvious to reflect, to recognize your own strengths or pitfalls. Or to get clarity in your subconscious and bring these things to your conscious. It is nice when someone else guides you in this. I can help you!

Spiritual, and grounded.

If you desire to get to know yourself better, work on yourself, better understand why you are here or if you want to change something in your life, I would be happy to help you on your path. An open and warm atmosphere, in which you feel safe and at ease, is my priority. My way of working is loving and powerful!


I have the talent to empathize with many different situations and can offer different perspectives with a sharp eye. I respect different visions, people and lifestyles. My way is not the only way! In this I find it important that I honor and give a place to the individuality and differences in each person. I work in a holistic way where I use my broad knowledge (from pedagogy, to personal development to spirituality) out of different worlds.

I have a spiritual approach, and I am grounded. Therefore, the guidance I offer is also ideal as support for your spiritual life or spiritual awakening. It is part of my mission to guide others in this.  We start from your situation and who you are to see what is best for your personal growth.

I read energy. I can get to the essence and at the same time I can look at the different layers and the bigger picture from different perspectives. Because of this I am able to work on different levels and to give a holistic guidance. Everyone can heal and gain insights themselves, but I can support you in the process to get there. It is important that you can eventually continue on your own and that you are standing closer to yourself with clarity. Then, my mission has been accomplished! I am an optimist and I believe in you! In a simple way and with taking your needs into account, we go on a journey together.

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Are you having busy days? Do you feel ungrounded? Are these times overwhelming for you?

Or do you feel like reconnecting with yourself?


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If you choose personal growth, you change your life and transform old pains

You may not want to feel the emotions going on inside you or hear confrontational words. Perhaps you feel alone, rejected, unloved, insecure, disappointed, lost or confused? Old pains that cry out to be transformed then come into play. It can be scary, this self-development journey, I know. But it's also exciting and fun!


It is when we look at our shadow sides that we also see our light. When we feel these emotions and act on them, we strengthen ourselves and we really see situations change in our lives . All this personal growth takes is courage, patience, an open mind and the willingness and dedication to grow and look at yourself.

It's also perfectly possible that you just feel good about yourself, feel like working on yourself, want to grow spiritually or are just curious.

You are unique!

However you feel or wherever you are in your life: YOU are here for a purpose! You are unique! There is no one like you and we need you to walk in your strength, in your talents, in your potential, in your medicine. We need you to love yourself completely. We need you to be who you are!

I would love to work with you!

I'm glad you're here, you're welcome.
I would say: look around and feel at home.


Lots of love,


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"Ama's aura reading is such a beautiful gift. She took me on an intimate journey to the deepest layers of myself. With profound care for detail she describes the images very vividly. They reflected a movie of my inner world. Ama shared the deeper meaning and lessons of the scenes with so much serenity and warmth.


I found myself nodding many times as well as listening with curiosity as she offered more clarity on things I was stuck with and as she reminded me to pay attention to parts of myself and priorities that I had forgotten. With love and respect she confronted me with what I needed to see from practical insights to spiritual wisdom. 


In a nutshell, an aura reading by Ama offers a deep dive within oneself that brings us closer to who we truly are, what is important in our lives in this time and the divine source of energy that runs through us."


- Dorien

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"My aura reading with Ama was incredible. I have had six aura readings from 3 different Aura Readers before I went to Ama. Each reading has been different and Ama`s was outstanding in the way she could visually diagnose some internal battles I was facing. The visions she saw and how she could feel my subconscious and conscious self in them allowed her to illustrate different scenarios which, when explained to me, opened up clarity to what I have been going through in life.


She offered a clear and concise explanation of what was happening in every vision and this spoke volumes to me about what I have been going through and also how I communicate with people and how I affect people with my character and actions. She also diagnosed my relationship with myself in many ways.


Ama`s intuition is strong. She is a unique healer and her intuition, insight, and true love for people is a gift that not everyone has. Thank you Ama for all of the healing guidance you have offered me in the past year."

- Kate

Do you want to embark on this journey to your inner world ?

Do you need clarity, a chat, someone to help you on your way? Do you want to grow,  do you want to get to know yourself (even) better and to love yourself more? Or do you want to transform your old pains and feel lighter?

Take a look at my offerings so that I can help you on your way:

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