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I am here for those who want to serve this new, beautiful world

we are creating together. 

..., I am here for the seedprotectors, the riverkeepers, the healers, the community builders, the changemakers, the farmers, the inspirators, the inventors, the guardians, the messengers, the constructors, the mirror souls, the oracles, the educators, the tree whisperers, the word wizards, the leaders, the spiritual midwifes, the mathematical geniuses, the grief counselors, the bridge builders, the ancient future souls, the organizers, the entrepreneurs, the animal communicators, the peace bringers, the art creators, the brilliant designers, the sacred entertainers, the fixers, the vibrant scientists, the brave souls, the keepers of our wellbeing, ...

I am here for the dreamers who want to do.

Do you have an idea, dream, project, solution, talent or business possibility that you want to bring into reality? Do you feel an inner fire burning but are you holding back?

Let's work together so you can finally say what you want to say and do what you want to do. I guide you in transforming your fears and insecurities and in making your dream a reality!

The time is NOW! It's time for a world that is healthy, balanced and in reciprocity with all beings. We need all chan
gemakers on board.

We need the Dreamers who Do. Is that you?

Why not start today? 
I've created an Inspiration Guide that you can receive for free! This guide will help you to come closer to what you want to bring into the world.

9 ways to start working on your idea, dream or project

Click on the button to receive the FREE Inspiration Guide :

'9 ways to start working on your dream, idea or project' in your mailbox.


You are trying to reach another level, to bring an idea into reality,
to change something within yourself, to grow spiritually or to share yourself and your talents,

but you are confronted with certain blockages.

Suddenly you doubt yourself:

"am I good enough to do this?",

"this idea is probably crazy",

"this is never going to work",

You were so excited, but the excitement disappeared as quickly as it came and it made room for fears and insecurities: "what would others think?", "what if it doesn't work out?", "where do I even start?", "how can I make it happen?"

And maybe you already started but is it not going how you were expecting. You start to wonder why it's not working or why it's not so successful as you had hoped for.

Some mental and emotional things start running the show that you didn’t know existed within you!

It’s not always easy to know how to break through the obstacles on your own, because often we are the ones who sabotage ourselves for getting where we really want to get. It can be so scary because your subconscious knows it will change things! It's also not so easy to see the essence on your own, or where the area is where work needs to be done.

How lovely would it be to show yourself to the world with ease, to speak freely and to bring your talent, idea or inner fire to the world with such a power that you serve others or contribute to this world we are creating together!


My name is Ama & I am an intuitive coach and mentor who guides people in their personal and spiritual development. I believe we have landed in a time where we need everyone on board!


If we have the courage to work on ourselves, grow spiritually and to transform our fears and blockages, we can be in service to other people and our world, this Earth!

Intuitive coach spiritual mentor

In this way, working on yourself is the least egoistic thing you can do. Because if you stop worrying or procrastinating, but start doing, you are taking action that will benefit the greater!

I believe the way to truly bring change is to work on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. It is my passion to work with these different levels & to switch between them. So, that's something you will always see coming back in everything I offer.

I love guiding people from all over the world in their personal and spiritual development, so they can grow, become truly themselves & shine! So they can find their center & create ripples.

"If you stop worrying or making excuses, but start doing, you are taking action that will benefit the greater!"

Let me help you get there! ;-)

What if the things that are holding you back really di
 What if you:

dont' care anymore what others think

are in touch with your inner voice

know what the next step is

are not holding back but moving forward

easily speak your mind

can fully show who you are

have a plan to make your dream become a reality

can follow your intuition

have a crystal clear mind

feel confidence & trust

believe in yourself and your dream

have the courage to go for what you want

How would that feel?

If you think this might work for someone else but not for you, well, you better think twice.


It is also possible for you!
Whatever is going on for you, every problem has a solution.

Sometimes we just don’t see the variety of solutions by ourselves.

Spiritual coaching

Spiritual, and down to earth.

Working with me is spiritual and grounding at the same time. I am like a tree, reaching out to the cosmos but having deep roots in the ground. I create an open and warm atmosphere, in which you feel safe and at ease. That is my priority. My way of working is simple, loving and powerful.

One of my talents is empathizing with different situations and offering different perspectives with a sharp eye. I respect different visions, people and lifestyles. My way is not the only way! In this I honor and give a place to the individuality and variety in each person. I strive to create a non judgmental environment, so that it feels safe and healing can take place.

I work in a holistic way where I use my broad knowledge from professional coaching, pedagogy, to personal development and spirituality and out of different worlds.

I traveled around the world and lived in Europe & South America. Now I live in Africa. All those experiences are part of who I am and part of how I approach the work I do. This means it might be very different from what you are used to!


I follow my intuition and I have clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. I read energy and because of that I can get to the essence. Simultaneously I look at different layers and the bigger picture. I guide you in following and strengthening your own intuition, too. 


My mission is accomplished if you can continue on your own, if you feel stronger, lighter, more confident, full of trust & in tune with your own mission and intuition!

I am an optimist and I believe in you!


!!!While you keep holding back & hiding, the world is waiting for you to come out !!!!

No more postponing: 'I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it next year!'

No more doubting or letting your fears or insecurities speak!


It’s time to just start, and this FREE inspiration guide will help you in a very gentle and fun way.


Come closer to what you want to bring into the world!

Start working on your dream, idea or project with these inspirational tips!

Click on the button to receive the FREE Inspiration Guide :

'9 ways to start working on your dream, idea or project' in your mailbox.

free inspiration to follow your dream
9 ways to start working on your dream, idea or project

You are unique!

However you feel or wherever you are in your life: you are here for a purpose!

You are unique! There is no one like you!

We need YOU to walk in your strength, in your talents, in your potential, in your medicine.

I would love to work with you!

I'm glad you're here, you're welcome.

Look around and feel at home.


Lots of love,


"When I went through a quite difficult period in my life, the intuitive coaching with Ama helped me to feel hope and together step by step she guided me on my way.


Sometimes she integrated inner child work in the process when necessary and she gave me a lot of recommendations of what I could do at home by myself as well.


I’m very grateful that I have met her and even through the online sessions I could feel her positive and healing energy."

~Abena, Germany

"My aura reading with Ama was incredible. I have had six aura readings from 3 different aura readers before I went to Ama. Each reading has been different and Ama`s was outstanding in the way she could visually diagnose some internal battles I was facing. The visions she saw and how she could feel my subconscious and conscious self in them allowed her to illustrate different scenarios which, when explained to me, opened up clarity to what I have been going through in life.


She offered a clear and concise explanation of what was happening in every vision and this spoke volumes to me about what I have been going through and also how I communicate with people and how I affect people with my character and actions. She also diagnosed my relationship with myself in many ways.


Ama`s intuition is strong. She is a unique healer and her intuition, insight, and true love for people is a gift that not everyone has. Thank you Ama for all of the healing guidance you have offered me in the past year."

- Kate, Canada

Curious how you can work with me?


Transformative, online journey for more confidence and trust within yourself. Bye bye fears & insecurities!


1:1 mentorship & guidance for bringing your dream, idea or project into the world.



An aurareading or cowry shell reading for more self knowledge, clarity & direction.


The Healing Village

The Healing Village - Online circle

Join one of our monthly community gatherings! Every gathering is about a specific topic. 

Every gathering has its own unique flavor.


These community gatherings are created so we can explore our emotions, clear blocks, grow our intuition and heal.

Ama's letters from Ghana for you!

Receive weekly inspiration, support, teachings & reflections about life and the world, right in your mailbox!

Be the first to receive new updates & offerings! 

On top of that, you'll receive a Free Sunrise Meditation when you subscribe. 
Looking forward to connect with you in this way!

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