Who is Ama?

Who am I? I am someone who loves nature, being together with others, good conversations, healthy food, dancing, sunsets, creating something with other people, seeing people grow, wisdom of ancient cultures, the stars, beauty in little things, Africa (& the pre-colonial history of it), children and their sparkling eyes, health, writing and so much more! I also love different cultures and their languages, people and their life stories and which twists and turns they take. I am intrigued by how people grow.


I think that’s why I chose to study educational sciences; because I was interested in how people learn and I wondered which tools and environments were needed to support that. I obtained that masters degree, but it didn’t feel enough. As I am so eager to learn, I decided to do coaching training as well, so that I could support people in their crossroad moments, or with different themes in life. Simultaneously I started a Shiatsu training which was the first time I came in contact with a holistic way of learning and healing. I also continued with energy healing and that’s how a whole new world opened to me.


I delved deeper into spirituality, which started very rationally at first, through reading books. Soon I started participating in retreats. It was at that time I went to Plum village and did a Vipassana meditation retreat. 


But still, I felt there was more. In 2018 I lived in a spiritual – ecological community in Brazil, where I learned to read auras. Living in community and reading auras of other people were experiences that brought me closer to my own intuition & made me realize how all these books, courses and trainings were external impulses and that I also could start from my intuition. 2019 was a very transformational year for me because I started doing deep spiritual work and rituals & learned how to facilitate rituals myself. In 2020 I went on a healing journey to Burkina Faso with Malidoma. Since then, I am diving deeper into ancient teachings and rituals. All of this led me to follow Spirit and my ancestors completely now. I am supergrateful and excited for what`s to come!


Everything I learned, know and integrated in my being, until now, is what I can offer you. At the same time I continue learning, also while working with you.


There is so much to discover; we never know everything. And that’s exactly what makes it challenging and so interesting. If you are interested in hearing more about my journey and aurareadings, you can listen to a podcast episode where I was interviewed. We talk about aurareadings, shiatsu, energy healing, rituals, ancestors, nature and more. If you don`t have spotify, you can listen to the episode on your podcast app through the podcast channel `Natural Woman Alchemy`.

With love,


2012 - 2014: Master of sciences in ‘educational sciences’, Free University of Brussels - Brussels, Belgium

2014 - 2016: Postgraduate degree 'inspirational coaching’. Professional coach training of Jef Clement, College of Artevelde – Gent, Belgium​


2015 - 2016: Energy healing course ‘Nyenpa Tshurva’, Sat'sam - Brussels, België


2014 - 2017: Shiatsu practitioner, Sat'sam - Brussels, België


2018: Aura reading course, Free University Inkiri - Piracanga, Brazil

2018: Reiki 1 energy healing, Free University Inkiri - Piracanga, Brazil

2019: Ritual facilitator training, Earths Amulet - Bali

2020: Thematic aura reading course,  Inkiri Piracanga - Online