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Spiritual journey or retreat in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country in Africa, with diverse cultures, languages, people, religions, and natural beauty. It is a country that can teach you a lot if you are open to receiving it. Spirituality is a part of daily life, and even just walking barefoot on the earth can be a deeply spiritual experience. Ghana is a country with deep, ancient healing energies. There are many places that are ideal for retreating, reconnecting, recharging, reflecting, and healing. You can read about 4 places in Ghana where you can retreat or connect spiritually here


At this point, there aren't many African retreats that you can experience. You can go to South Africa or Morocco, yes. Tanzania and Kenya also have beautiful retreats, but what about West Africa?

Have you ever been here?

Do you feel called to experience Ghana? 

If you are interested in recharging, relaxing in a beautiful African country, diving deeper in your spirituality or personal development, healing from pains or things that keep on coming back in your life, learning how to work with your Ancestors, then this spiritual journey or retreat in Ghana is something for you !


There are different services I can offer at each Ghana retreat:

  • Organizing the retreat

  • Intuitive coaching

  • Breathwork

  • Healing ceremonies: energy healing, mind’s eye healing, inner child healing

  • Ancestral Healing or learning how to work with your Ancestors

  • Readings: aura reading, cowry shell reading

  • Guided meditation and visualization

  • Journaling exercises

  • Rituals

  • Shiatsu

  • Teachings that enhance your personal or spiritual development


Hey, I'm Ama!

It's wonderful to meet you this way! I'm currently relaxing in my hammock, but that's not always the case ;-) One of the things I'm learning is the importance of taking enough breaks. What's something you're currently learning?

I live in Kwahu, Ghana, so the beautiful mountain you see below is a familiar sight for me. However, I didn't always live in Ghana. I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. I studied and worked in Brussels before I went to work internationally as an educational consultant. This international experience eventually led me down a spiritual path. You can read more about me and my journey here. 

What I want to share with you right now, in this moment, is that I have gained a lot of experience travelling around the world, living in different countries, adjusting to different cultures and going into deep spiritual experiences. It made me the person who I am now! My educational background enables me to create transformative experiences that facilitate personal and spiritual growth. I am down to earth and at the same time I have a spiritual eye and I can sense energy. I take great joy in creating retreats that perfectly align with individuals.

Ghana has SO much to offer! Nature wise! Spiritual wise! Culture wise! It's a country that leaves you changed once you have been here. Since I reside in Ghana, navigating my way around is second nature to me. In the future, I will be organizing group retreats here. However, for now, the spiritual retreats I organize are personal and co-created with you. Therefore, if you're interested, take your chance as it might not be forever that I offer this.

I would love to hear from you if you are interested. 

With love,


There are different types of retreats I can offer you here in Ghana:

Mini retreat:

I come to you during your journey in Ghana to offer some of my services. This is only possible if you are interested in different services and for a minimum of 2 days (depending on where in the country you are in the country, the minimum of days may go up).

Included in the price of this retreat: my services, transportation, and lodging costs
Excluded: your own transportation, lodging and food costs.

spiritual retreat ghana lake bosontwe
relax retreat ghana sea

Customized retreat:

I organize a personal retreat for you at a chosen place in nature. The place will be discussed. It could be at the seaside, at the lakeside, in the forest or on the mountains. The duration of this retreat will be discussed (but preferably a week). We discuss what your needs are and what type of retreat to create.


It is important to understand that I work with my intuition to create these retreats. I follow what is needed for you, which means that some services may change during the retreat itself, depending on what is needed for you.

Included in the price of this retreat: my services, transportation, and lodging costs + your own lodging
Excluded: Your own transportation and food costs.

Kwahu retreat: 

Kwahu is a beautiful hidden jewel in Ghana. I live in Kwahu. In this option, you will travel to Kwahu, lodge in a hotel and together we will embark on an interesting and powerful spiritual journey. It can be a combination of nature experiences, tours, and sessions where I offer some of the services highlighted above. 

Included in the price of this retreat: My services 
Excluded: Your own transportation, food costs & your lodging.
I can help you with finding lodging options!

kwahu mountains ghana retreat

My Spiritual Journey adventure in Ghana with Ama - October 2023

What was initially a dream quickly became a reality! Ghana came into my life as I searched for a "spiritual journey in Africa."  I quickly found Ama, and we had a free Zoom intake conversation where we connected instantly! I booked my trip well in advance to allow ample time for preparation.

Upon arrival, Ama welcomed me with a private taxi. I highly recommend this if you have a lot of luggage and prefer a more comfortable travel experience for longer distances. I felt immediately welcomed and enjoyed everything around me from the very first day.

My journey combined spiritual activities with exploring Ghana, and this combination was perfect! Ama knew exactly the right spots in Ghana. I had expressed a preference for being near the beach, but you could also choose the mountains, of course.

spiritual retreat in ghana

During the spiritual retreat, Ama gave me assignments, both in writing and in creative activities like painting and coloring. She outlined what we would be working on each day. The first day started with an aura reading, followed by inner child work on the next day, and much more afterward.

We always began our mornings with meditation. In between, you have plenty of time for yourself, and you can specify your goals for the journey. I felt safe with Ama during the sessions, and the communication was very good.

The food is incredibly delicious! I never felt unsafe in Ghana. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I will definitely go back!"

Sophie Mol , the Netherlands

~ Professional singer & beautician

Sophie did a Customized Retreat.

Addy's Kwahu Retreat in Ghana - December 2023


"This experience has felt like a journey home. To a home that I didn’t realize that I was missing as much as I know now!  


As a newcomer to the world of spirituality I was quite apprehensive at first but Ama made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. When Ama helped me open this spiritual door I felt confident enough to explore this new area.

For me it was extra special because 2 of the sessions were done in the area in Ghana where some my ancestors are from. This made the experience even more powerful for me. 

I felt blessed during the sessions and still do months after.  I feel so much more confident and powerful knowing I have an inner strength and guidance I can always seek refuge in. 


I also love Ama’s down to earth approach!

Thanks to her tips for hotels and a tour guide in the area it was not only an amazing spiritual experience but also the best road trip ever! Make sure to ask her for her tips!"

Addy, the Netherlands  & Ghana

~ Medical Doctor

Addy did a Kwahu Retreat.

personal and spiritual development in ghana

It is possible to organize Ghana retreats for two people or a small group, too.


The price will depend on what type of retreat you choose. With a small group, the price will go down.
To be able to organize a retreat (for 1 person or more) it's important you contact me in time.

If you are interested in working with me, click on the button below so we can hop on a free call!


Can't wait to hear from you!

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