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Spiritual journey or retreat in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country, with diverse cultures, languages, people, religions and natural beauty. It is a country that can teach you a lot if you are open to receiving it. Spirituality is part of daily life. Even just walking on the earth on your barefoot can be a deeply spiritual experience. It is a country with deep, ancient healing energies. There are a lot of places that are ideal to retreat, reconnect, recharge, reflect and heal. You can read about 4 places in Ghana where you can retreat or connect spiritually here.

If you are interested in recharging, relaxing in a beautiful African country, diving deeper in your spirituality or personal development, healing from pains or things that keep on coming back in your life, learning how to work with your Ancestors, then this spiritual journey or retreat in Ghana is something for you !


There are different services I can offer at each retreat:

  • Organizing the retreat

  • Intuitive coaching

  • Breathwork

  • Healing ceremonies: energy healing, mind’s eye healing, inner child healing

  • Ancestral Healing or learning how to work with your Ancestors

  • Readings: aura reading, cowry shell reading

  • Guided meditation and visualization

  • Journaling exercises

  • Rituals

  • Shiatsu

  • Teachings that enhance your personal or spiritual development

spiritual retreat ghana lake bosontwe

There are different types of retreats I can offer you here in Ghana:

Mini retreat:

I come to you during your journey in Ghana to offer some of my services. This is only possible if you are interested in different services and for a minimum of 2 days. 

Included in the price of this retreat: my services, transportation, and lodging costs
Excluded: your own transportation, lodging and food costs.

relax retreat ghana sea

Customized retreat:

I organize a personal retreat for you at a chosen place in nature. The place will be discussed. It could be at the seaside, at the lakeside, in the forest or on the mountains. The duration of this retreat will be discussed (but preferably a week). We discuss what your needs are and what type of retreat to create.


It is important to understand that I work with my intuition to create these retreats. I follow what is needed for you, which means that some services may change during the retreat itself, depending on what is needed for you.

Included in the price of this retreat: my services, transportation, and lodging costs + your own lodging
Excluded: Your own transportation and food costs.

Kwahu retreat: 

Kwahu is a beautiful hidden jewel in Ghana. I live in Kwahu. In this option, you will travel to Kwahu, lodge in a hotel and together we will embark on an interesting and powerful spiritual journey. It can be a combination of nature experiences, tours, and sessions where I offer some of the services highlighted above. 

Included in the price of this retreat: My services + your own lodging
Excluded: Your own transportation and food costs.

It is possible to organize retreats for two people or a small group!


The price will depend on what type of retreat you choose, but to give a rough estimate, it starts from around 100 euros per day for 1 person (my lodging and transportation excluded).

Important !! To be able to organize a retreat (for 1 person or more) it's important you contact me in time. I don't work with last minute requests

If you are interested in any of these retreats, you can contact me for a call.

Can't wait to hear from you!

kwahu mountains ghana retreat
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