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The Healing Village

Connection is needed more than ever. 

Connecting to yourself.
Connecting to others.

Connecting to your intuition.
We listened to the call.


Every month we come together around a specific topic. Every gathering has its own unique flavor.


These community gatherings are created so we can explore our emotions, clear blocks, grow our intuition and heal.

By bringing our energies together,  co-creating and participating we hold space for one another.

Saskia & Ama create an energetically and emotionally safe container where The Healing Village can come together. These gatherings can be very supportive in your daily life. They can help you release blocks, transform certain patterns & bring in creative and new energy.

The Healing Village is our offering to you. 

  • The gatherings always happen on a Sunday around the same time: 6pm GMT+0 / 2pm GMT-4 (EDT)! 

  • The gatherings last around 1,5 hours, but as we follow the guidance of spirit the duration could be less or more. We advise to allocate 2 hours, just in case, but also to have integration time.

  • You can choose to participate every month or you can choose to participate in the ones that align with you. Click on the event for the healing village itself to read more about every healing village and its topic.

  • You get a discount if you want to participate in the first three gatherings and you buy them at once (see package below).

Your facilitators

Saskia Grund is a highly sensitive woman. She lives in a cabin off grid, surrounded by beautiful juniper trees in the Canadian wilderness. She is a reiki master, Emotion code practitioner and holds a diploma in Holistic Nutrition.


Saskia loves gardening and working with herbs to make medicine. She is a very skilled energy worker and helps people with clearing blocked or stuck energy with emotion code, body code and her own clearing techniques which she has developed throughout the years with the guidance and support of various teachers.


She is able to perceive energy in a very detailed way. Saskia is passionate about offering support for those who wish to grow and evolve their consciousness and loves witnessing the transformations that occur in people during client sessions.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 115650.png

Ama Boakye is a joyful woman who loves the wonders of life and the teachings of nature. She was born and raised in Belgium, has lived in different countries in South America, but is based in Ghana now.


Ama is an aura reader, intuitive coach, inner child healing & breathwork facilitator, group ritual facilitator, shiatsu practitioner and she does cowry shell sessions for both individuals and groups. She supports people in different ways in their personal and spiritual growth. 


Ama likes learning from her ancestors in the spirit realm & tuning in with nature spirits. She loves to witness transformation in people, especially when people start to live more in their strength and talents and closer to their spirit. She also likes to write & listen to peoples’ life stories.

Next Gatherings:

  • May 19th: Grow your intuition

  • June 16th: Midyear Solstice Clearing

  • July 14th: Balance & Harmony

  • Other gatherings: To Be Announced!

Your investment:

Community Price: 33 euros

Abundance Price: 44 euros (with this price you give others the chance to participate)

* People in Ghana can pay via Mobile Money. Contact Ama for this.

There are limited spaces for every gathering!

Wanna book your spot?

Click below on the gathering you want to sign up for!

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