I often call an aura reading a "mirror moment". It can be a great tool for self-knowledge.  It is a reading of about an hour in which various things that can be seen in your aura and play a role in your life come to the surface. Vivid images emerge and each image has a message. It can be clarifying, but it can also be confronting.


Often these are things that you already know deep down but didn't dare to look at. Or things you knew, but needed confirmation for. It can go all directions and it mainly depends on what your soul wants to show at that moment. 


The aura reading can be in real life or can be sent digitally. When the aura reading is sent digitally, it doesn’t have to be performed live at the same time. You can give your full name (the name you received at birth) & then I can do the aura reading at my own chosen moment and send it to you afterwards. There is the possibility to have a coaching session after you had an aurareading, it`s an additional service you can ask for if interested.

If you are curious to know more: here you find an article someone wrote about her experience of receiving an aurareading (in real life).
And below you find some testimonials that may help you get a better insight of how an aura reading can be experienced.

"Ama's aura reading is such a beautiful gift. She took me on an intimate journey to the deepest layers of myself. With profound care for detail she describes the images very vividly. They reflected a movie of my inner world. Ama shared the deeper meaning and lessons of the scenes with so much serenity and warmth. I found myself nodding many times as well as listening with curiosity as she offered more clarity on things I was stuck with and as she reminded me to pay attention to parts of myself and priorities that I had forgotten. With love and respect she confronted me with what I needed to see from practical insights to spiritual wisdom. 


In a nutshell, an aura reading by Ama offers a deep dive within oneself that brings us closer to who we truly are, what is important in our lives in this time and the divine source of energy that runs through us."

~ D.

"My aura reading with Ama was incredible. I have had six aura readings from 3 different Aura Readers before I went to Ama. I find all Aura Readers to be different and they all have their own special strengths. I had one reader who gave me many tools to go out into the world and battle my anxiety and negative thoughts, I had one who made me realize the way I was by explaining past lives and by outlining how I interact with different people in my life, I had one who actually saw my present life clearly and saw my future life environments. Each reading has been different and Ama`s was outstanding in the way she could visually diagnose some internal battles I was facing. The visions she saw and how she could feel my subconscious and conscious self in them allowed her to illustrate different scenarios which, when explained to me, opened up clarity to what I have been going through in life. She offered a clear and concise explanation of what was happening in every vision and this spoke volumes to me about what I have been going through and also how I communicate with people and how I affect people with my character and actions. She also diagnosed my relationship with myself in many ways.


I also had Shiatsu done by Ama and that was also an amazing experience. I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 14 years and I have met my share of healers. Ama`s intuition is strong and she was very sensitive to the energy blockages in my body. Either from physical or emotional trauma. Ama is a unique healer and her intuition, insight, and true love for people is a gift that not everyone has. Thank you Ama for all of the healing guidance you have offered me in the past year."

~ K.

"The reading was very accurate, insightful, and healing. I am still processing it as I write these words. What I can attest today, is that is has helped me access another dimension of my identity. An idea of the « self » as an emotional being , with an emotional growth, and an emotional imprint. I feel that I now take my emotional growth more seriously. Who wants to make the same mistakes life after life? This reading has definitely sparked a change of perspective."

~ L.

"For me it felt like receiving a kind of gift, someone taking so much time and effort to take a deep look into your personality is a special, warm and intense experience. Thank you so much for that.
Hearing the aurareading I could easily visualise what you talked about. Because you explained very well the images you were seeing, I could see them as well in detail and relate to the images and their explanations. Most of the time the way I appeared in the images was nice, but there was also one image that was quite aggressive and confronting. It didn’t feel bad to see that though, it was interesting. While listening to the aurareading I felt like in some kind of meditative state, afterwards it took me some time to let it ‘sink in’. The days and weeks after I listened to the aurareading I found myself reflecting on some of the images when I caught myself acting in a certain way. It’s like you have a symbolic image in the back of your mind that helps you recognizing certain patterns.
Thank you so much for introducing me to this and for the loving attention you give through it."

~ L.

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