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How you can be a changemaker & coach yourself into becoming one

The world needs more changemakers, and that is an understatement! As we all experience, things are shifting in the world, and we need new solutions and different ways of doing things. It’s time for change! And I am sure if you are reading this article, you are interested in knowing how you can become a changemaker, too!

Because what does it take to be a changemaker?

And what skills and mindset do changemakers have?  Some people like to experience changemakers coaching.

Others prefer to coach themselves into becoming a changemaker, which this article will help you with.

Let me give you an overview of what I cover in this article (you can also click on it if you want to go straight to that part!)


What is a changemaker?

A changemaker is someone who takes action and comes up with solutions to bring positive change for the greater good. It is often said that changemakers bring social change or work around social problems, but I believe it goes further than that.

What is a changemaker?

We can bring change in all areas of our lives. If I decide to take action in my neighborhood by collecting trash with some children, I believe I am a changemaker, too! Yes, it is social, but it is also ecological. 

In this sense, a changemaker specifically wants to improve the environment! Improving the environment can be done socially, ecologically, spiritually, relationally, and educationally, and I can go on for a while here. Every area of our lives can see or experience change.

What does it take to be a changemaker? 

It’s very simple. I believe that to become a changemaker, you only need to have will and passion. There needs to be a fire burning within you that wants to bring change and see things differently. It’s that fire that will become your fuel to be a changemaker. It’s that fire what it takes to be a changemaker ;-)

Of course, knowing why you want to be a changemaker, what you can do to become one, and which skills and mindset changemakers have can also be super useful! So, keep on reading as I guide you through it all.

Why is it important to be a changemaker, you may wonder?

Some people may not find it important that there is change. Let alone that people would call themselves changemakers. Some people like to keep things as they are and don’t want too much change.

Why is it important to be a changemaker?

I sometimes ask myself: is it up to us individually to decide if change is needed?

Sometimes, things are happening globally that require attention. Sometimes, within the collective, there are problems we can’t deny. It is only normal that some people feel the urge to bring change or to find solutions! These people, the changemakers, are needed at that point.

So, why are changemakers important?

Because sometimes:

  • Governments aren’t doing what needs to be done

  • Individual people can come up with amazing, creative solutions

  • They can have a huge impact on the environment or other people's lives in a positive way

  • They are bringing changes to the collective experience or world we live in

  • They can give other people hope and inspiration and can make other people work together

If you want to coach yourself into becoming a changemaker, then you can start your changemaker coaching by asking: 

  • Why do I want to be a changemaker?

  • Why do I find changemakers important?

The answers to these questions can be very enlightening & motivating to start your journey as a changemaker. This question is also excellent to investigate if your intentions are pure.

The pitfall of being a changemaker

The pitfall of being a changemaker

I want to play the devil's advocate here for a minute.

We often want to help others or bring change to situations because we start from our perspective. We think something needs to change, but do the people in that situation feel the same? Maybe it’s just from our perspective that it would be better, but not from their perspective. Will it benefit the people in the long run? 

These are important questions to ask! We must dare look at ourselves because when we want to help or change something, it can also come from wanting to be the hero or savior or the one-that-knows-it-all. Sometimes, even feelings of superiority can be present.

When this is the case, I believe you are not a changemaker out of pure intention, and the question is whether you help people in this way.

Skills and mindset of a changemaker

I am sure there are a million skills that you can have as a changemaker. The skills you need depend greatly on the change you are trying to make and the area you are working in. Sometimes there are specific skills, and sometimes there are general skills.

I know a lot of people can feel so overwhelmed and powerless with many things that are happening in the world. One of the most important skills of a changemaker is to understand that every tiny contribution they make IS bringing change and helps! This is important so they don’t fall into powerlessness, too. As long as they believe in what’s possible and have hope, it also works contagious and can inspire other people.

The mindset of a changemaker is very open-minded, flexible, out of the box, and creative. Changemakers see solutions where other people see problems. They see hope, whereas others see despair. They fiercely believe change is possible and that humans can contribute to it and be responsible!

Skills and mindset of a changemaker

Changemakers also have a growth mindset, which means they can see setbacks as learning opportunities, embrace challenges, and believe that whatever happens, there is always a way!

Changemakers are generally curious and perseverant! They take responsibility, love to look forward & are open to feedback. 

How do you become a changemaker?

Once you understand why you want to be a changemaker, you can take the next step. Because how do you become a changemaker? What else does it take to be a changemaker?

The following things I share aren’t steps that need to be taken in order. You can choose what you want to reflect on and use it as inspiration to coach yourself into becoming a changemaker.

  • Know yourself and what makes you unique! Know who you are, what you are good at, what you like to do, what you are passionate about, and what you can bring to the table. What would you like to do to serve the world or to bring change? If you don’t know yourself well, you can also be a changemaker, of course, but in this case, it is sometimes better to work together with other people or to help another changemaker make their ideas come true. An aura reading is, by the way, an excellent spiritual reading and self-knowledge tool to get to know yourself better.

How do you become a changemaker?
  • Brainstorm about ideas! Write down all your ideas about what you want to do as a changemaker. It can be as crazy or weird as you want! There are no limits here! If you want to be a changemaker but don’t have any idea, think about the things you see going wrong in your neighborhood or the world, and then think about general things that could change these situations, even if they are overwhelming! What is something small you can do to help?

Maybe you already have a clear idea about what you would want to contribute as a changemaker in this world. Then, start writing down everything that comes to your mind about this idea. Every word, every image! 

  • Search if people, groups, or organizations are already doing what you want to do! It can be so incredibly powerful to join forces. People may be waiting for someone like you to join their initiative. This can also make it so much easier for yourself, as you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, right ;-) On the other hand, you can also search for people or groups doing similar things as an inspiration for what you want to start or do! It can be very smart to learn from others.

What does it take to be a changemaker?
  • Small gestures! The mistake we sometimes make is that we think that changemakers are people who bring big change. I want to remind you that every small gesture IS a big change! We sometimes have high expectations of ourselves, others, or the change we want to see in the world. But what if the real change lies in everyone contributing something small? For example, I decided one day to intentionally smile at every person I saw when I went outside. I now know, in that moment, I had become a changemaker, too! I also influenced other people's lives this way, even if it was just for that day! So, if tiny gestures like these suit you, if you see yourself being a changemaker in this way, don’t hesitate! You can start today! 

  • Reflect on which skills you need to learn or what mindset changes you need to make! Being a changemaker means that you will learn new things and grow as a person. Be honest with yourself. What is already part of your skills and what is something you want to work on?

  • Take action! It is often a smart idea to create goals or a plan, but the most important part of being a changemaker is that you also take action. Otherwise, you continue to dream about change but don’t really bring change. Take action, observe how it goes, adjust, and keep going!

Coaching for Changemakers

  • Find your tribe of changemakers! Bringing change can sometimes be very difficult. That’s why having your tribe of people who understand you and want the same things can be something you want or need.

Coaching for Changemakers

As you have read this article, I am sure you have the inspiration to coach yourself into becoming a changemaker.

To finish this article, I will summarize some of the questions that were mentioned in this article so that you can take some pen and paper and start coaching yourself right now:

  1. Why do I want to be a changemaker?

  2. Why do I find changemakers important?

  3. If my contribution influences other people: Is the change I want to bring really needed (and also perceived as needed by the people who will receive it)? 

  1. What am I good at? What do I like? What am I passionate about?

  2. What would I like to do to serve the world or to bring change?

  3. Write down all your ideas about what you want to do as a changemaker. It can be as crazy or weird as you want! 

  1. What are the first steps?

  2. What can I already do this week?

  3. What do I still need (to do) before I can take action?

  4. Which changemaker skills or mindset do I have already?

  5. Which changemaker skills or mindset do I still need to grow in?

  1. Are people, groups, or organizations already doing what I want to do? Can I meet them or learn from them?

  2. Are there other changemakers I can connect with?

  3. What is a small contribution I can make today as a changemaker?


If you still feel like working with a changemakers coach, know that I coach changemakers! Explore here how you can work with me.

Coaching for changemakers

And also, if you want to start working on your dream, idea, or project right now, I have an inspiration guide that is perfect for you right now!


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