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Want to meditate in Ghana?🧘🏿Let’s explore meditation in Ghana!✨

Want to meditate in Ghana?🧘🏿Let’s explore meditation in Ghana!✨

Meditation is something you can do wherever you are. That’s the honest truth! But sometimes it is nice to be able to go to specific meditation places, isn’t it? I remember when I didn’t live in Ghana yet but came here to visit, I was sometimes searching for good meditation spots or places where people came together to meditate. Eventually, I didn't find them but found beautiful nature spots that are excellent for meditation! You may be curious too, where you can go for a good meditation in Ghana? That’s what I will explore with you in this article!

Is meditation in Ghana a thing?

When we think of meditation, we think more of Asia as it is a daily practice for many people there and rooted in their culture and religion. So, in the beginning, when I visited Ghana, I was wondering if meditation in Ghana was even a thing? Was this something people do? Were there people with a daily meditation practice? I was so curious as I had done Vipassana silent retreats twice & experienced other meditation classes and retreats it was one of my interests!

I came to the conclusion that it depends on what your definition of meditation is! Is your definition of meditation sitting cross-legged and observing your breath? Or can it also lean more towards walking meditation or mindfulness? Because in my opinion, when you play the guitar in a concentrated way and mindful way, it can also be very meditative!

Meditation in Ghana

Also, local people are way better than Western people to just sit and observe. Sit on a bench at the side of the street, sit in a shop, sit while other people are talking, without needing to do something else at the same time… Who says they are not meditating in one way or another?!

I realized that the majority of people in Ghana are Christian or Muslim, and that their meditative practices were more intertwined with prayers or silent moments in church or the mosque.

Compared to my experiences in Bali, for example, I wouldn’t say Ghanaians in general have a meditation practice. It’s not embedded in the culture in that way. I guess Ghanaians' healing and mindful cultural practices are more in connecting with one another, dancing, drumming, music, walking and eating😉

However, there are some individuals and groups here and there who have an interest in meditation as a practice. 

Where do people meditate in Ghana?

Some people will meditate at home and browse the internet to learn how they can go about a meditation practice. A few people will search for meditation places in nature. However, I know some people prefer to meditate in groups together. 

Especially in Accra, there are different meditation centers to be found. 

Want to meditate in Ghana?🧘🏿Let’s explore meditation in Ghana!✨

Most of the meditation centers or classes/gatherings that can be found in Accra are inspired by Eastern practices.

Some of the Meditation centers that you can find in Accra:

There are also organized meditation classes or gatherings:

There are also Yoga teachers, like Krystal Joy Williams, who often offer meditations together 

with their yoga practice. If you are searching for nice meditation spots in Accra, the beach, Legon Botanical Gardens or Aburi may be your go-to spots!

I haven’t tried all of these centers or classes out, mainly because I don’t live in Accra, but I did want to share them with you! Feel free to share your meditation experiences in Ghana with me, too! Would love to talk about it with you.

Outside of Accra, it is unusual to find people consciously meditating in groups together. Unless they are on a retreat together, which is something beautiful to explore for you, too, if you are interested in meditation in Ghana.

Want to meditate in Ghana?🧘🏿Let’s explore meditation in Ghana!✨

Nonetheless, it is especially outside of Accra that you can find the most beautiful and powerful meditation spots!

What are the recommended places to meditate in Ghana?

In general, once you go outside of Accra, you find beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, and waterfalls where you can go and meditate! Always when I leave Accra I feel right away how everything is more peaceful and quiet, which invites an environment for meditation.

Ghana, in general, can be pretty loud because of music being blasted through boxes or funerals, for example. I find it difficult to meditate when there is too much noise. What about you? Do you want to meditate in peace, or do you want to train your mind while it doesn’t it matter where you meditate? Eventually, true meditation masters are able to meditate wherever they are, even if they would be in the middle of the busiest market in the world😉

Let’s assume you do like to be somewhere where it is convenient and peaceful to meditate, you can read my article 4 places to retreat and connect spiritually in Ghana to find amazing meditation spots in Ghana!

Meditation in Ghana
Me enjoying at a beautiful meditation spot in Kwahu

I would add Akosombo to that list. It’s not far from Accra but sitting next to the Volta river there brings so much peace!

And if you are interested in meditating outside of Accra, I live in Kwahu and there are nice meditation spots over here!

I have two different free meditations offers that you may be interested in!

Both are guided meditations made in Ghana ;-)


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