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Water Cleansing Meditation

Water has great healing powers. It can clear out anything that is no longer needed. This guided water meditation is a clearing which has the potential to remove blocks and energy that is no longer serving you. It can make you feel lighter & relaxed. 

This Free Water Cleansing Meditation is an offering from me to you!

You can do this meditation when you have time and space for yourself. The Water Meditation takes 20 minutes and it can make you relax deeply.

I recorded this Water Clearing meditation at Lake Bosomtwe in Ghana, it is the lake that you see in the video.

Click on the button if you want to receive the Blessings of the Water Healing Meditation right away.

Why is a Water Meditation so healing? How does it clear out what's no longer needed?

Contrary to how we sometimes look at water, water isn't only in rivers, streams, oceans, lakes and waterfalls. It's not only something we use to drink or to wash ourselves with. Water is a living being. Water is energy, water carries vibration. So the vibrations we bring towards water, is the vibration it can carry. Water is very sensitive, and very powerful at the same time. It's not an energy to mock with, it's an energy to appreciate and honor and to be grateful for. When we show that respect, water knows how to heal us.

We are alive because of water. Our bodies consist out of 70 percent of water! This means that if water carries vibrations, we also carry those vibrations within our bodies because of the water living within us. Water molecules can bring restoration to your mind and body, they can soothe your emotions and release what's stuck.

When we meditate in general, we already bring a calming energy to our nervous systems and the water within our bodies. But when you do a water meditation - especially this water meditation that is recorded at a lake - you are actively working with the water element and the water spirits of this lake.

How can I do a Water Clearing Meditation?

The easiest way of doing a water meditation is in the shower. As we all shower every day. While you feel the water going over your body, you can visualize it as golden or in a way that it is clearing out everything that you don't want anymore in your energy field or body.


You can also do a short meditation while consciously drinking your water. Fill your cup with water and do a little prayer. You can sit a minute in silence with it or bless your water or show your gratitude before you drink it.


Other very powerful ways of water meditations are going into a waterbody. When you go in a water body where the water or the current is very strong, like a waterfall or an ocean with waves, you have a big opportunity to clear out what's no longer needed. Especially the ocean with its salty water, easily removes negativity and energies that like to see you in fear or anger. A river too, can carry away the emotions, situations or people you want to release. Still water or lakes can be very good to bring calm energy back into your energy field.


How do I do a meditation in a waterbody? Like a waterfall, ocean, river or lake?

How do you do this?
It's very simple.

  • First you acknowledge the waterbeing in front of you, you show your respect and you ask if you can enter her.

  • When you feel or receive a yes, you think about your intention. What do you want to let go of? What do you want to release? What do you want to heal? What do you want to change?

  • With that intention you go into the water and you let the water do its work. Try to focus on your sensations, on everything you feel in your body.

  • You will know when it is time to go out of the water. Observe your body and energy field afterwards, notice the cleansing that has happened.

  • Give yourself integration time afterwards. Be a bit longer in silence. Drink some water. Be kind to yourself. Maybe you can even journal a bit.

If you can't go to a waterbody right now and you still want to connect with water and do a water cleansing meditation, of course you can do my free water clearing meditation below!! 

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We often think we need to experience things physically but the magic is that in meditation we can also connect with physical things like water in the spiritual realm. So, by doing this meditation, you will also connect with water and receive the water healing powers. It will especially make you relax deeply, as this Water Meditation is recorded at the lakeside!

Sign up below and enjoy this free water cleansing meditation!

It is made with love,

xx Ama

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