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Spiritual Coaching to bring change and achieve your dreams🦋

These days there are so many different types of coaches! I find it pretty overwhelming sometimes😅 So, what in the world is a spiritual coach and how does spiritual coaching work? And what is the difference between a spiritual coach and a life coach? In this article, I dive deeper into all of it so that you'll understand better what spiritual coaching is and how you can find a spiritual coach if you are searching for one !

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Sometimes, we feel we want something different. We feel it's time to go for what we have been dreaming of or to bring change. Or at least, that's something I have experienced before, and I know many people go through this. For many of us, the guidance of a spiritual coach can bring us into that deeper layer so we can go for what's calling us! So we can achieve our dreams. So we can give our gifts and talents to the world! But especially so that we can grow spiritually.

The work you're doing may not feel right anymore, or you may feel ready for a career change, or you're taking on other interests. Maybe your life is changing, you are becoming more interested in growing spiritually and things that used to be obvious are suddenly no longer so clear. Different emotions may come up, and dealing with them is not always easy. You suddenly look at the world with different eyes, or you have beliefs different from those around you. Maybe you want to grow, learn, or do something different, or you have a dream you want to make come true!

spiritual coaching to bring change

We often wonder how we can start bringing change or fulfilling our dreams and what the first step is. We imagine how it would be if we lived our dreams and went for what our hearts desired or that idea in our heads. Simultaneously, our inner demons may surface, and we may encounter fears or sides of ourselves that we don't know yet.

Whenever I wanted to do something else, go for my idea, start a new project, or achieve one of my dreams, I felt fear and worries coming up! That wasn't always the easiest!

Going on a personal or spiritual growth journey, alone or with a spiritual coach, to bring about change in your life or the world can be transformative!

Life, as you know, starts to disappear slowly. At the same time, it is still unclear what the next steps are. Somewhere inside you, a new seed is growing! Even though this may feel very uncomfortable, scary, or unsettling, it certainly is normal and nothing to worry about! These are growing pains that take you to the next phase. They show you are going out of your comfort zone. You are growing personally and spiritually, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable.

I know that aside from having these uncomfortable feelings or worries, often there is also excitement or curiosity! Because what is on the other side?

Why use Spiritual Coaching or a Spiritual Coach to achieve your dreams?

When you want to grow spiritually, bring change, or try something new, you have entered a new phase in your life—sometimes without noticing. 

Sometimes, we miss the comfort of the past or how things used to be. Sometimes, the lack of clarity and "not knowing" makes us feel unstable or in-between phase where there seems to be no way out. Having a spiritual coach or mentor's guidance can help at such a time.

coaching trajectory spiritual growth

Spiritual Coaching can help clarify your situation, help you achieve your dreams, clarify your life purpose and talents, and guide you in your growth and development—both personally and spiritually.

In a way, a spiritual coach can also be called a spiritual growth coach or spiritual development coach, as spirituality is not seen as something separate but part of every process.

Spiritual Coaching is beneficial if you want to bring change, go for your calling, or achieve your dreams.

We often try to grow, solve problems, or fulfill our dreams in a rational, planned, and practical way. There is nothing wrong with that! I used to go for everything I wanted in the same way. The only thing is that there is a limit to it. Our brain can only take us so far. When we integrate Spirit into our lives, in our work, and in the processes we go through, we enter a magical dimension. It can make things go more smoothly, as you work with your higher self and, possibly, your spirit guides and ancestors.

The big difference with life coaching is that spiritual Coaching goes more profound, but how? 

I'll tell you more about what it means to work with a spiritual coach, and that will help you understand how profound this work is.

What is a Spiritual Coach? Well, a spiritual coach takes a holistic approach!

spiritual coach online

A spiritual coach guides people in their personal and spiritual development and growth. 

A spiritual coach is someone who works holistically, examining all the different facets of life. This means that work is done not only on a mental and emotional level but also on an energetic and spiritual level.

Honestly, even though I wrote it myself, because yes, this is what spiritual coaches do, I find these words always so abstract when I read them.

So, let me clarify what working with a spiritual coach means.

When you are dealing with something, want to bring change, want to grow spiritually, or follow your dreams and choose to work with a spiritual coach, a spiritual coach will work with you on different levels:

  • Mental level: What are your limiting beliefs? What's your negative self-talk? How are you blocking yourself in your mind? "I can't do this," "What would other people think?" "I am never going to be able to…", "Why am I so …"... This level is also great for working very specifically with plans and goals!

  • Emotional level: What emotions are blocking you? Where do you self-sabotage? Which fears do you have? Where do you feel them in your body? The emotional level is very close to the physical level, as emotions live in the body. That's why bodywork and somatic work are so powerful in releasing stuck emotions. 

  • Energetic level: How is your energy level when you choose X or Y? Or when you see this or that person? What makes your heart sing? When do you feel your aura expand or contract? If you tune in intuitively, what do you sense?

  • Spirit level: What is your vision? What ideas do you receive? What do you get when you tune into your higher self, spirit guides, or ancestors? How can you grow more in your intuition? Are there some rituals needed to clear the way spiritually? Often, we think we are entirely alone, but the more you work on the spirit level, the more you start feeling Spirit has your back.

Spiritual coaches recognize that we are a spirit in a body, that everyone is different, has unique talents and skills, and that not every problem has the same solution. A spiritual coach has gone through various phases and is very strong intuitively. As a result, a spiritual coach can guide you to follow your intuition so you can make choices and take on challenges more easily. 

How does spiritual coaching work?

Over the years, it became clear to me that every coach has their own personality, background, and way of coaching. There is no general way to go about spiritual coaching, and I think this is great because we are all different. We all have different needs.

The underlying thing is that a spiritual coach looks at your well-being from various perspectives and works intuitively, energetically, and holistic way.

spiritual coach doing a reading

A spiritual coach usually starts with your intention for each coaching session. After it is clear what is going on or, where you want to grow, or which dream you want to achieve, a spiritual coach will work with you by asking questions, doing exercises, visualizations, guided meditations, rituals, or spiritual readings.

Some spiritual coaches work with you and their spirit guides. Other spiritual coaches teach you how to work with your own spirit guides. 

These are techniques spiritual coaches may use when they work with their clients. Of course, this list is not exhaustive:

  • Breathwork

  • Inner Child Work

  • Energy Healing 

  • Emotion code or Body code

  • Sound Healing

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Somatic exercises or other bodywork

  • Movement (dance, yoga, …)

  • Ritual Work

  • Connecting with the elements

  • Work with ancestors and spirit guides

  • Prayer & Offerings

  • Spiritual readings (aura readings, cowry shell readings, readings with runes/bones, tarot, psychic readings)

  • Meditation

  • Using a substance: cacao, mushrooms, …

  • Visiting sacred spaces

  • Tuning in spiritually together with you

  • Grid work & Earth Healing

What's the difference between a life coach, spiritual coach, or healer?

In general, you will hear people say that the difference between life coaching and spiritual coaching is the following:

  • a spiritual coach helps someone in their spiritual growth and development and teaches their clients how to connect with their higher self 

  • a life coach helps someone in their personal development and helps their clients achieve specific, practical goals

I know this is very general, but I think I have a very specific and different view on this question.

difference between life coach and spiritual coach

Because, what IS the difference between a life coach, or a spiritual coach? Or a healer or spiritual practitioner even?

To me, it is not one or the other. A spiritual coach is also a life coach. A spiritual coach is not only working on a person's spiritual growth or development. Of course, it can be so if this is what the client desires or if this is the goal or dream of the client.

But a spiritual coach also works around totally different topics, like if you want to bring change in your life or the world or if you want to achieve another dream! Spirituality is just part of everything. It's not something separate.

So, the main difference between a life coach and a spiritual coach is that a spiritual coach also integrates Spirit in their coaching sessions, and that can go all ways.

The beauty I find in working with a spiritual coach is that a spiritual coach may work holistically and use the mind-body-energy-spirit techniques but is also still coaching.

spiritual coaching is profound and is holistic

That's the difference between a healer or spiritual practitioner focusing only on the spiritual practices or one of these modalities. Sometimes, we just want or need a spiritual reading or healing, and that's fine, too!

Nonetheless, a spiritual coach can use one or more of the above techniques together with very practical or specific coaching. I find this truly a beautiful combination! 

A life coach is, of course, also an excellent choice. However, the difference with life coaches is that they don't necessarily use more profound spiritual practices. Therefore, working with a life coach who is not a spiritual coach or doesn't include Spirit in the sessions, may bring the possibility you don't tackle the actual root of what's going on. You can have the feeling that you have a breakthrough, and then some months later, a particular situation comes back, or a specific emotion or energy comes back into your life - meanwhile, you thought you had worked through it.

A spiritual coach also prioritizes you to grow and develop yourself spiritually. In this way, you know how to proceed after the coaching sessions. It makes you independent and sets you in your power!

I can go on for ages about this. But, as you can read, there is no limit to what is possible in coaching sessions with spiritual coaches. Because of the way spiritual coaches work, there are endless possibilities to guide you through your transformation. 

How do I find a Spiritual Coach?

where or how to find spiritual coach

I can imagine that choosing a coach these days isn't easy! There are so many life coaches, spiritual coaches, spiritual development coaches, and spiritual growth coaches that searching on Google or scrolling on social media in your quest to find someone may be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are fewer spiritual coaches than life coaches right now. So, if you already know you want to work with a spiritual coach, that's great, as the pool is smaller. You will find the spiritual coach you are looking for!

Here is my advice if you want to find a spiritual coach that aligns with you:

1. Be honest about what you want before actively searching for a spiritual coach. 

Can a spiritual reading without coaching help you further? Are you stuck with blockages or patterns that you keep repeating? Do you want to grow spiritually yourself? Do you want to make your dream come true but don't know how? Do you want to find out what your life purpose is? 

There are different reasons to embark on a journey with a spiritual coach. The clearer you know what you want, the easier it will be to find the right coach.

It's also good to check for yourself: Do you want a spiritual coach near you, someone you can meet in person? Or do you prefer a spiritual coach online so you can do the sessions from your own home?

2. Explore different ways to find your spiritual coach!

  • You can search online by typing it in Google (which you probably did already as you are reading this article).

  • Explore different online groups, such as Fora or Facebook groups. There, you may find people who can recommend someone or help you find your spiritual coach!

  • Remember that once you open up about what you are searching for, family or friends may know someone who aligns with you!

  • Exploring spiritual activities online or in person near you may be interesting because there may be someone present who may be the best spiritual coach for you!

3. Choose a spiritual coach that can help you precisely with what you need. 

  • If you are looking for a spiritual coach who can help you develop your intuitive ability and grow spiritually, you should look for someone who is highly spiritually developed and has experience teaching others how to grow spiritually. You want someone who understands and knows what s/he is talking about. 

  • If you are searching for a spiritual coach who can help you bring about change or achieve your dreams, you may want to check if you feel this spiritual coach can also help you in this regard.

  • If you are looking for both, then screen for all the things you need and are searching for ;-) 

  • You may be looking for a spiritual coach who works with specific modalities; then, you can check out if the spiritual coaches you are finding offer what you want!

finding a spiritual coach for spiritual coaching

Aside from experience, the way people write on their websites or the words they use can give you a lot of clarity! If you want to be sure, write a first email or ask for a free call to make the best decision.

4. Choose a spiritual coach with whom you feel a click and with whom you feel safe and good.

If there is a tiny doubt in your being or if you feel uncomfortable, continue searching! It's important to follow your intuition and to continue the search until you find your spiritual coach. I always think that when you are going to work with someone who will help you in your transformation and who will possibly go deep with you, it better be someone you feel is your person.

When you or your coach enter the spirit realms, many different energies and spirits to join the session. You want to make sure that those spiritual energies are pure and in the frequency of truth and love. Ask your heart, ask your intuition, and listen to the answer. This brings me to the next point.

5. Searching for a spiritual coach, you can already train your intuition. 

because we can all "receive information" in different ways. When you read about a spiritual coach or browse a website, check in with yourself: How do you feel? Do you feel something specific in your body? Does it appeal to you? Does it give you a warm or enthusiastic feeling? Does it give you confidence? Do you feel that this person can help you?

Listen to what you feel and follow this! Sometimes, your head can't explain it, but your soul or heart knows why you'd work best with a specific coach. This way, during your search for a spiritual coach, your spiritual development process has already started ;-) How amazing!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed what I shared with you.

If you are on your search for a spiritual coach and you are still reading here, you may be interested in me as your spiritual coach. ;-)

There are no strings attached, of course! I would like you to use your own intuition in your choosing process. But if you are interested, continue reading!

Can I help you as your spiritual coach?

I'd love to work with you!

spiritual coach to achieve your dreams and bring change

I offer spiritual readings (aura readings and cowrie shell readings)


However, I am open to other customized spiritual coaching trajectories, too.

So don't hesitate to contact me! I respond to every email I get.

For one-on-one sessions, I start with a free first call to discuss what is happening and whether it feels right to continue working together. You can ask your questions if you have any!

Click on the button below to see how you can work with me:

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One of the 9 ways is learning how to connect with the Spirit of your idea, dream, or project!

So if you are interested in also working spiritually around your dream, (business) idea or project, this is def something to check out !

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I am looking forward to meeting you!



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