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Spiritual Coaching when your life is changing

More and more people feel that their lives are changing. Things that used to be obvious are suddenly no longer so clear. Different emotions come up and it is not always easy to deal with them. You suddenly look at the world with different eyes, or you have beliefs that are different from those the people around you hold. This can bring up a feeling of confusion or being lost.

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Maybe the work you're doing doesn't feel right anymore or you're taking on other interests. Maybe you want to grow, learn or do something different or you have a dream you want to make come true! Perhaps, you’re dealing with existential questions like, 'who am I?' or 'what am I doing here on earth?' You are in a transition. Life as you knew it is slowly disappearing. At the same time, it is still unclear what the next steps are. But somewhere inside you a new seed is growing!

Is this recognizable to you? Even though this may feel like a crisis, it certainly isn't! These are growing pains that take you to the next phase. You are growing personally and spiritually, and that can feel uncomfortable at times. In this article, I explain how spiritual coaching can help you!

Why Spiritual Coaching?

When you are in such a phase in your life, it helps to acknowledge and accept that you are in this new phase. This sounds simple but sometimes we miss the past, or the way things used to be. Sometimes, the lack of clarity and “not knowing” makes us feel unstable. Sometimes, it feels like an in-between phase in which there seems to be no way out. Being coached by a spiritual coach or spiritual mentor can help at such a time.

Spiritual coaching, also called intuitive coaching, can help bring clarity to your situation, help you achieve your goals, bring clarity to your life purpose and talents, and can guide you in your growth and development — both personally and spiritually.

The big difference with life coaching is that spiritual coaching goes deeper, but how?

What is a Spiritual Coach? Well, a spiritual coach takes a holistic approach!

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A spiritual coach is someone who works in a holistic way, looking at all the different facets of your life. This means that work is not only done on a mental and emotional level, but also on an energetic and spiritual level. A spiritual coach guides people in their personal and spiritual development and growth.

Spiritual coaches recognize that we are a soul in a body, that everyone is different, has unique talents and skills, and that not every problem has the same solution. A spiritual coach has gone through different phases and is very strong intuitively. As a result, a spiritual coach can guide you to follow your own intuition so you can make choices and take on challenges more easily.

How does spiritual coaching work?

Every coach has their own personality, background, and way of coaching. There is no general way to go about spiritual coaching. The underlying thing is that a spiritual coach looks at your well-being from different perspectives and works in an intuitive, energetic and holistic way.

A spiritual coach starts with your intention for each coaching session. After it is clear what is bothering you or what is going on, a spiritual coach will work with you by asking questions, doing exercises, visualizations, guided meditations, rituals, or spiritual readings. Some spiritual coaches work with you and their spirit guides.

There is no limit to what is possible in these coaching sessions. Because of the way spiritual coaches work, there are endless possibilities to guide you in your transition period, in your transformation.

How to choose a spiritual coach?

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Be honest with yourself about what you need. Can a spiritual reading without coaching help you further? Are you stuck with some blockages or patterns that you keep repeating? Do you want to grow spiritually yourself? Do you want to make your dream come true and you don't know how? Do you want to find out what your life purpose is? There are different reasons to embark on a journey with a spiritual coach. The clearer you know what you want, the easier it will be to find the right coach.

The most important thing is that you choose a spiritual coach with whom you feel a click and with whom you feel safe and good. If you are looking for a spiritual coach who can guide you to develop your own intuitive ability and guide your spiritual growth, it is good to look for a spiritual coach who is highly spiritually developed, has experience, and knows what s/he is talking about .

In the search for a spiritual coach, you can already train your intuition, because we can all “receive information” in different ways. When you read about a spiritual coach, or browse a website, check in with yourself; How do you feel? Does it appeal to you? Does it give you a warm or enthusiastic feeling? Does it give you confidence? Do you feel that this person can help you?

Listen to what you feel and follow this! Sometimes your head can't explain it, but your soul or heart knows why you’d work best with a certain coach. This way, during your search for a spiritual coach, your spiritual development process has already started ;-)

Would you like to work with me as your spiritual, intuitive coach?

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I'd love to work with you!

You can book a free first call so we can discuss what is going on and whether it feels right to continue working together. You can ask your questions if you have any!

You can also choose to book your sessions right away.

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