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An aura reading, what is that?

“An aura reading, what is that? How does that work?” are questions I regularly get. I don't find it easy to explain this briefly so I decided to write it down here in more detail. First it is important to understand what an aura actually is.

An aura is a type of subtle body, an energetic field that surrounds the physical body. We do not necessarily see this energetic body with our eyes, but we often feel it. This is what we sometimes describe as the energy we feel in a person or 'the vibes' that you get. The energy that we feel often has to do with certain things that hang in the aura of the person. Many people immediately think of different colors that can be seen around you. Like as if your aura is yellow, green or purple. It is true that different colors can be seen, some people even get a photograph of their aura, but what are colors without messages? What are colors without understanding what they mean or without certain insights?

It is sometimes thought that you have to be a medium or psychic to be able to read someone else's aura, but actually we are all capable of this. We all have some sort of psychic abilities, clairvoyance or clairsentience. The difference with someone reading auras is that this person has an open third eye, has been training it, and can translate the colors and images that emerge into words. The words are messages that are relevant or affirming to the person receiving the aura reading.

As I wrote here on my website, I often refer to it as a 'mirror moment', because messages emerge that are about you, about your personality, about your life. It can bring about clarification, confrontation and healing. Time and time again I observe that it helps you understand yourself better and make choices in your life. It is also a tool to strengthen your own intuition and grow spiritually.

When I do an aura reading, I have my eyes closed and I connect with the aura, so with the energy field, of the other person. Everything that the person's higher self allows me to see and wants me to see, that`s what I will see.

During the reading I read a past life from which insights and messages emerge that are relevant to the life of the person now. Then I read the energy from the different chakras. In your aura there are several chakras that are kind of energy centers. Sometimes everything runs smoothly there, sometimes something is blocked. This usually also has an effect on your physical body or in your daily reality. Each chakra has its own themes and qualities. When I do an aura reading, I explain what I see in the seven basic chakras, including the root chakra, the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.

Each chakra has a color, an image and a message. The message is usually a clarification of the image, which brings an insight. When I do an aura reading to the same person at a different time, I would get different images and messages. This is because an aura changes, but also because many different things can be seen in our aura. The things we see in an aura are an accumulation of all thoughts, feelings, experiences, patterns and events from since we were in the womb until now. An aura reading shows us the essence, it makes us understand better why we keep bumping into the same thing, what is difficult for us, what we are good at or what our pitfalls are. Bits of the puzzle fall into place.

aurareading with seven chakras and colours

An aura reading is also an energetic exchange. I have noticed that an aura reading can also be an aura healing because of that and that it really helps people move forward because it can release certain things, connect you to your soul and strengthen your own intuition.

I am able to give aura readings either remotely (then I record the reading and forward it) or in person. So, I don`t need to be near you to be able to do an aurareading. I always find it a great honor to give an aurareading and it makes me happy how it feels like a gift to people and really helps them on their way. I do both general and specific aura readings. In a specific aura reading there is a certain question or a certain theme that is being focused on. All images and messages that then emerge are specifically about this.

If you have any more questions about this, I will be happy to answer them. You can contact me here. If you want to get an aurareading, you will also find more information here on the website or you can book a session (select: 'aurareading' as your preference). Want to know more about me? Hey, my name is Ama! Read more here.

So nice that you read along! :-)

I wish you a nice day / evening!

Lots of love,


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