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You don’t need a psychic reader near you🔮💫

I’ve realized that many people search online for: “a psychic reader near me” or even for “the best psychic reader near me”. I totally get it. It’s nice to have a medium or psychic reader or diviner close by your house, who you can meet live. But in this article, I want to share with you why you don’t need a psychic reader near you and why you can even work with a psychic reader online.

Psychic reader near me

Psychic reading near me

I remember in the beginning, when I became interested in the spiritual realms, I also searched for psychic readers near me. I started with astrologers and then also found some tarot readers. I remember it was very important to me that I could see them in real life. Something within me didn’t trust that someone could give me messages without me being there physically.

Now I realize I didn’t understand yet how the spirit world works. I was thinking very much in the way of “only what I can see is there”. I didn’t understand yet how the unseen worlds and energy actually work.

Psychic readings happen through the energetic & spiritual realms 

What is a psychic reading, actually? In a psychic reading, a person connects to another person's life and energy field through the spirit world. Some psychics also connect with animals or even objects. Every psychic is different. But what is true for all of them is that they all work with Spirit. Some work with divination tools, like tarot cards or cowry shells, and others work with spiritual guides or just their higher spirit. 

Psychic reading near me

When I do an aura reading for someone, I just connect with pure Spirit and the auric field of the person. I don’t connect with the physical body of a person. I connect with the spirit of the person. Our spirits don’t live in this three-dimensional world, and therefore, they are not bond to this time and space reality. 

This means that for me when I do an aura reading or for a psychic to receive information about someone else, there is no need to be in the same room or even the same country.

It’s even not needed to do the reading where both psychic and client are present at the same time because, in the spiritual realm, time doesn’t really exist in the way we experience it here on Earth. In the spiritual realm, everything is happening at once: past, present, and future. When I tune into someone, time also ceases to exist sometimes, and the things that I see are messages, images, colors, or symbols related to that person. 

The best psychic readers, even the ones near you, understand this ;-)

If you are like: “Okay, cool, but I still don’t trust it, I want a psychic reader near me!” Of course, I totally respect that, but for those who are intrigued, I will share a bit more with you about psychic readers online. Because it’s true that you don’t need a psychic reader near you.

Psychic reader near me or a psychic reader online?

So, psychic readings can happen near me, near you, or wherever you want it to be! Which means it can also happen online!

Aura reading Near Me

When a psychic reader works with you online there are different ways how they can work. When I do a virtual aura reading for someone, I just need someone's full name. I record the aura reading on my own timing, without the person virtually or physically being present, then I send it to the person, and the person can listen to the aura reading on their own timing. 

However, when I do a cowry shell reading, I work through Zoom. It would also be possible to do a cowry shell reading without the person being present there, but the nature of this work is more interactive. So, I like to give them some space to also ask questions!

There are also psychic readers who do email consults, who give readings through phones, or through chat. There are countless options in the digital world these days!

Cowry shell Divination Near me

The choice is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with.

Do you believe psychic readings only work when you are physically present together?

Or have I planted a seed, and do you believe they actually can work as well online?

The choice is yours!

If you’d love to receive one of my aura readings or cowry shell divinations, it would be my pleasure! Just click the button below to read more! 

Have a beautiful day! X Ama


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