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zo 09 jan



Vision Café 2022

Vision with action, makes a powerful reality.

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Vision Café  2022
Vision Café  2022

Time & Location

09 jan 2022, 13:00 GMT



About the event

Please read through the details of the event before booking. Especiallly read the requirements, too.

Every year, I love to set some goals and create an intention for the coming year. I love to do this with some nice snacks, some music and a cup of tea. This year, I will do this with you! We will gather to celebrate and start the new year in a lovely, creative and productive way!

Even in these uncertain times, there are always goals that can be set! It can give us motivation and an empowering feeling to create our own goals and to work towards them.  Especially when we do this together!

  • Do you sometimes look back at the end of the year and wonder what you actually accomplished in that year?
  • Do you have the feeling you are not progressing or going forward in the way you want to?
  • Do the things you want in life feel chaotic and not structured?
  • Do you have a lot of ideas and dreams but do you have difficulties with organizing or manifesting them?
  • Do you wonder how other people reach their dreams and goals?
  • Do you always focus a lot on others but not on your own goals?
  • Would you like to create goals or a vision for 2022?
  • Do you have some goals in your mind? Do you want to put them on paper and integrate them more in your energy field?
  • Do you want to work creatively around your visions?
  • Do you just want to join this Vision Café to be together with other souls who want to have a conscious and good start to 2022?

If you answered yes on any of these questions, this Vision Café 2022 is something for you!

What do you get by participating in Vision Café 2022?

By participating in this workshop you will

  • learn why it is important to set goals and create a vision board.
  • get more clarity into where you want to head to during this year.
  • get more insight into what is important to you.
  • organize your dreams and visions & get more structure.
  • learn how to have a clear vision for 2022, with some actions linked to it.
  • learn how to approach yourself and your life in a holistic way by working both with your mind, your heart and your intuition.

At the end of the workshop you will have

  • set your own goals for 2022
  • linked actions to these goals
  • clarity how to start with achieving those goals
  • created your own vision board

During the workshop you can ask questions and share your experience with others, if you want to.

Details about Vision Café 2022


  • lovely, creative and productive get together with beautiful souls
  • teachings about goal setting & vision board
  • exercise on goal setting
  • short meditation to prepare for the creation of the vision board
  • creating of own vision board
  • guided meditation to remove blocks stopping you from reaching your goals & integrating your visions and goals

Date: Sunday 9th of January

Time: 1pm - 4pm (GMT)

Where: Online, group video call through Zoom

Language: English (but exercises can be done in your own language)

Price: You pay 22 euros.

*** Early bird price: Use the code VISION2022 for 10% discount. Valid until 10th of december ***

Option: It is possible to also book an individual follow up coaching session. This means that after the Vision Café 2022 we can have a personal call to see how your process with following your goals is going.

What to bring: Notebook, writing materials, gathered pictures etc for vision board**, glue/tape, big A3 paper, paint (optional), snacks/cup of tea/candles/incense (optional), water (for after the meditation)

**Requirements: the only thing that is really needed beforehand if you want to participate in this workshop, is that

  • You already think about the goals you want to set for 2022. Write them down as a preparation for yourself. If you have a lot of goals, try to structure them by topic.
  • You think about whether you want to create a general vision board for your life, a vision board for 2022, or a vision board around a specific topic like love/health/work/ etc. Once you have made a decision, it will be easier to gather materials.
  • You gather as many pictures and photos, magazines, quotes or other (natural) materials that you can use to create the vision board.  You can also browse online and search pictures that are vivid, speak to you, and are related to what you want for your future/life. The more you gather beforehand the easier/ more fun it will be to create your vision board during the workshop.
  • If you prefer making a vision board online/ on your computer, that's possible, too. Even though the feel is a bit different. I advise you to work with Canva. If you don't know how Canva works yet and you want to make a vision board online, then it would be good to get to know the program before we meet on th

Why should I join Vision Café 2022?

The great thing about this Vision Café 2022 is that we will have just entered the new year at the moment we meet. We have passed the busy month of december, we have maybe expressed our new year resolutions. We have celebrated the start of a new year. We can now retreat to a place of peace and silence, and our minds our ready to enter into the space of getting serious with our goals and dreams for the new year.

The beautiful thing about this gathering is that we will all work on it together. Sometimes it is difficult to set your goals when you are alone. You might lose hope, not feel like doing it, maybe you always postpone it or maybe you don’t hold yourself accountable to really work around it. Doing this with other people will encourage you and give you energy to work on your own goals.

I create a safe & uplifting space for us during this Vision Café 2022. Everyone is welcome. I know everyone works in a different way and has a different pace, and I acknowledge these differences in people. There is so much beauty in diversity and we can all learn from one another because of that.

Feel like joining? Let's do this together!!


  • Vision Café

    This ticket includes the Vision Café 2022 workshop on the 9th of January.

    € 22,00
    +€ 0,55 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Vision Café + 1x Coaching

    This ticket includes the Vision Café 2022 workshop on the 9th of January + 1 personal following up coaching session on an agreed time after the Vision Café.

    € 67,00
    +€ 1,68 service fee
    Sale ended


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