Intuitive Coaching

For intuitive coaching or a mentoring session, I work deeply with you around a specific topic that you want to work around. Maybe you want to grow spiritually, maybe you are not feeling so well, maybe you are stuck in a pattern. These coaching sessions can provide some guidance through talking and me asking questions. But I always work with Spirit so we may have meditations/visualizations/tips or cowry shell readings in the sessions. These sessions can go in different directions but the focus is on helping you to grow. 

One session can help but we could also start a trajectory.

This coaching session is via Zoom and lasts approx. 1,5 hour.

There is also the possibility to have a chat session or e-mail session instead of a Zoom call:

Chat session: we agree a date and time when we both come on Whatsapp or Telegram. During 1 hour we talk about the things you feel you want/need to talk about and want some coaching in.

E-mail session: first you send me an e-mail with your situation and what is going on for you. I reply. We have an e-mail dialogue/conversation, it is a little bit as writing letters. Writing your own situation down can work very therapeutic already and especially when someone else is reading it and even replying. We have a conversation where I reply 5 times to your e-mails. It is possible less mails are needed for you to feel complete about the session. I offer 1 free concluding mail where I might include a finalizing prayer if you want to.

When you book your coaching session you can indicate which session you want to book.

For the Zoom coaching, there is a possibility to have a free 30 minutes-long call, where you can share what is going on for you. Then we can see what I can offer you and if there is a possibility of working together.