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Be careful what you ask for

Sometimes nothing seems to happen in life. And then, suddenly, so many things happen at once. Have you experienced that, too? I am still trying to figure out why that is. I've had before that everything in life just goes smoothly and then suddenly one bad thing after the other happens. I always wondered: why? Why do they all need to come at the same time?

be careful what you ask for

The other way round is also possible. Nothing really happens for a very long time, life just goes on its own rhythm, certain things aren't going forward... And then, BAM, everything you were praying for at once. So many things that it becomes overwhelming. And again I ask myself: Why? Why do y'all need to come at the same time? Couldn't you be spread out in time a bit? Hihi. It makes me think about that sentence: 'be careful what you ask for'. There is huge power in really wanting something and putting your time and energy in it. There is huge power in praying. And the power lies in the continuity: to keep on going and not give up, even if it feels nothing is happening. I learned to be specific in what I ask though. Next time, I'll pray in such a way that not everything comes at once, haha!

I've learned that often when nothing seems to go forward, there is a lot happening in the energetic or spiritual realm. Sometimes that time of 'nothingness' is time for integration or needed to prepare you for what's coming. And sometimes those periods of everything-at-once are there to challenge you, to test you, to make you grow. Sometimes they are there to shake things up, to clear things up, to break things down so that they can be build up again. Something what feels like a 'breakdown' for us in the physical realm, might actually be a 'build up' in the energetic and spiritual realm. Something that seems a challenge, might actually teach you what you need to know or be able to do for what's coming.

Life. It's so big that we don't see the bigger picture. Spirit does. Spirit guides us gracefully through it. But sometimes, it doesn't happen how we want it, or it happens in another way, in another form, with another person, in another place, in another time, than we originally wanted. It can take some time to process those changes. It can be overwhelming to deal with everything that's coming your way. But flowing with the journey, being grateful & patient makes it easier. I am also saying this to myself, hehe. The changes, the ups and downs,'s in the journey where the balance lies. That's what I wanted to share with you today.

Much love, x Ama

This is a newsletter shared on May 5th, 2022.


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