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Why we are attracted to certain places🌍

Last week, my husband and I went on a little trip.

Ghana is so beautiful! I am constantly amazed by it !

why we are attracted to certain places

We live in the mountains, so when we go somewhere else, we like to go to the sea or a lake.

This time we went to Akosombo, next to the Volta lake and after that to Dzita, at the seaside.

Every place can feel so different. I always love to tune into the energy of a place or how the energy of a place changes. I love to do this because when I am back home, I can 'travel back' to that place just by sensing the energy.

Every place has its own spirits: the place where you were born, your own house, the park you like to go to, the bar you visit for a drink, the place you go grocery shopping, the next town or village, that other city, that other country.

And depending on the nature present there, there may be water spirits, tree spirits, rock spirits, and so on.


There is something about the place where you were born. The spirits know you, and you know them.

There is something about the place where you live, especially if you have stayed there for a long time already. Those spirits also know you. It's always beneficial to honor them, to sing to them, to give them a little offering.

reasons why we feel called to certain places

Some people like to stay somewhere because they feel satisfied and aligned with the spirits of that place.

Other people feel the need to travel or move to different places because the spirits of other places are calling them. This often happens unconsciously!

Have you also noticed that some people really feel drawn to Asia, and others don't feel drawn to Asia at all but can't wait to experience Latin America? Or Africa?

This has always intrigued me & I now know that there are reasons why we feel called to certain places. We have connections to certain lands and their spirits, and which lands or places vary for every individual.

There may be an exchange of energy that can be beneficial to the person or the spirits. There may be things that can only be learned when interacting with those spirits and their habitat, such as healing, writing a wrong, resolving old contracts, or establishing connections with lives in parallel universes.

By going to another place, you may also consciously or unconsciously form friendships, meaning the spirits of these places are with you wherever you go. For example, I have some spirit guides from the place where I lived in Brazil. They have a very particular energy that they can bring into my reality here when I call upon them.

Of course, there are people and energies who feel called to go to other places and don’t mind destroying everyone and everything in it or taking over the place to make it theirs. We are seeing this very clearly playing out in the world today. These actions don’t take the spirits of the place into account. Therefore, the spirits of these places can turn against them. This can create severe spiritual disruption, breaking of harmony, with ripple effects for generations.


intuitive coach for changemakers and lightworkers

There is much more that can be said about this. I find it a very interesting topic because often we are so caught up in our minds, in our lives... wondering why we feel a certain way, or want a certain thing, meanwhile there is always a spiritual reason or counterpart to it.

It can feel good to acknowledge that and to delve into the spiritual dimension of your situation.

There is so much more than meets the eye!

There is magic in the mundane!

So, as you read this now, perhaps you can tune into the energy of where you are. And later today or tomorrow, when you go somewhere else, how does it feel there? Which energies do you notice?

And especially: Why are you where you are right now (the house you are living in, the town or city, the country, the place(s) you go to because of your work)? What is there for you to learn, heal, or contribute?

Wishing you a beautiful week!

x Ama


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