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Be here now

A lot of times it is so challenging for us to be in the now.

We dwell in the past, we worry about the future.

We don't trust. Let me tell you a story.

Yesterday morning I woke up, did my prayers and started my meditation for the aurareading.

Always before I start an aurareading I do a clearing meditation for an hour where I clear my chakras & close any portals where other energies can come through. This is important to make sure I am only working with Infinite Spirit and the soul & aura of the other person.

After the meditation, I usually drink some water and start doing the aurareading, while recording it. These days I mainly do aurareadings from a distance. If you want more information about aurareadings, I once made a video about it that you can watch here.

i was locked in the room but wasn't scared

When I was finished with the aurareading, I tried to open the door from the room I was in....

but I couldn't open it.

It was completely stuck, as stuck as a door can be. Oh ooh! But also haha! It was a funny situation. Even though I had things to do, I was actually really calm and just accepted the situation. Which isn't a reaction I always have. Sometimes I can become really worried about things. But this time, I was just chill. My partner tried to get me out of the room. I felt like a Princess who was being saved! Haha! The door was so stuck that eventually we needed to call the carpenter to open the door without breaking it.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, maybe because you find some joy in me telling you a story.

But also because there is a deeper meaning to it all.

While I was sitting there in the room, waiting to be freed, I needed to think of this image I once saw:

Be here now

So as I said: A lot of times it is so challenging for us to be in the now.

We dwell in the past, we worry about the future.

We don't trust.

And because we don't trust, we sometimes end up in fear (which manifests itself in different ways: worrying, running away, being defensive, self sabotage, avoiding, attacking/blaming the other, hiding, lying etc.).

Because we are scared, often we try to control things by finding answers in a rational way. Like these student-monks in the picture.

And because of that, we are not living in the moment, we are not trusting.

It's a journey for all of us.

All of us have this lesson to learn during this lifetime. We are definitily not alone in this.

But it is so so possible to become better in trusting, having faith, accepting, instead of worrying or acting up because of fear.


This was Ama's letter out of Ghana from July 19th, 2022. Do you want to receive these letters in your mailbox? Click on the button below!

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