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Children & the sea: the nature of generations

There is something healing about the sea, about the salty ocean water. Being here, working here at the same time is not comparable to what I've had before. I was curious how I would feel, working in such a laid back place. If I would still love it, if it still would be the same place for me.

If I feel stressed I go to the sea, I ask the sea to cleanse my stress, tension or negative energy. And always I feel so relaxed and full of trust afterwards. As much as people are smoking weed in this place, I don't think you really need it to live high here. 

I am living. I feel so alive here. It's because I am close to nature, everything is walking distance and in one way or the other it's easier to live in the now. And therefore I don't live in my head. Where I used to live more, but in my heart. I am living in my heart. And that allows me to release fear. 

I love how people meet at 5pm to see the sunset. It's a daily thing, full of gratitude. You can go alone, to meditate, to read, to close the day. Or you will meet someone, a little encounter that brings you to the next place. By watching the sun set I am reminded that we are so small as human beings. Small and big simultaneously. I understand that the sun comes and goes. Everyday. Again. But no sunset is the same. The beauty of life.

Yesterday I went to the beach with some friends and their children. Observing these children, 4 and 5 years old, playing in the water and sand; I was intrigued by them. Because they are children but at the same time they are very intelligent and wise. I really connected with them. We have a lot to learn from them, you know. It's something I recognize more in children of this young generation. There is really something special in them. 

Age differences and generations are a very interesting concept. It's important to have people of your generation around. It's like another culture. There are certain things only people from your own generation understand. They see things more in the same way as you do. That's something teenagers discover when they are becoming adults and when their peers understand them the best. Not their parents anymore. But it's not only teenagers. It's every age - really. There is something comforting in being with peers. Sometimes I can be so grateful to have a conversation with people of my age, even people I don't know and just feel the connection and feel they understand. We came into this earth together, at the same time.

Simultaneously, it's so rich and important to be with different generations as well. That's interculturality. I believe in the enrichment of this diversity. That's the natural way. Every generation can learn from one another.

What surprises me in the society of today, is that some adults don't have this attitude of believing that they can learn from children. This conviction is the root of a lot of problems, especially if you look at our educational system. Children are the creation of their parents. Their DNA, their lifeforce, their union created them. Children embody everything their ancestors and parents wanted. They are evolution. Ofcourse there are certain things they need to learn but actually they already have everything inside of them. Ancestors working through them. Even more than we can imagine. Because they are our evolution. They are here to teach us, to make us grow. If every parent would look at her/his child like that. Or every adult to a child she/he encounters. Just imagine...

We are here to love them and make them the best version of themselves, so we can learn from them too. We are not here to put them into the boxes of our own generation. It just doesn't work.  It's dynamic, it's repricocity, it's evolution, it's growth, it's change, it's nature. 

That's what came into my mind by being with these children. With any child, really. I find children so interesting. They are still so close to their hearts. 

I observed these kids. I observed them writing things in the sand and decided to join them. Me, writing in the sand with them at the beach in this great universe, being the universe ourselves. Exactly how it needed to be.


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