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Circle of Blessings - Babyshower in Accra

I facilitated a spiritual baby shower in Accra this weekend. I organized it alongside a beautiful soul. It was a circle full of blessings for the mother and the child that is about to arrive on this Earth.

babyshower healing circle in accra

It reminded me of how powerful it is to come together and to give our attention, of how powerful circles are…but especially how powerful love is! In my life, I’ve experienced different honoring circles, and in my opinion, they are one of the biggest healing experiences.

Healing is not something we can completely do alone. For a major part, yes. But there is healing in community, in relationship, in witnessing another, in being witnessed, in mirroring, and even in creating an energetic grid together. We are interconnected and meant to thrive together, meant to cry together. It’s not always easy, but it can be very liberating!

I plan to do more spiritual circles and healing circles. I know this is part of my path, and sharing this with you is one of the ways I create ripples into the field, creating my reality.

healing circle and coaching in ghana

In recent weeks, I have been going through a transformation. It was not easy. It felt almost like something was dying. I have heard many people talking about a similar process — it seems the collective energies were generally challenging. But there is a new spark of energy that has come! Time for Rebirth! At the same time, I am also taking it easy :)


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