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Coaching between Plantain Trees

Last week, I had a session with someone at my backyard (or maybe I can say in our little farm, haha!). We were sitting between cassava, plantain, and kontomire (cocoyam) plants. I rolled out a mat, brought some water, some tissues (you never know if tears come up) and my phone so I could record the session.

Often, when I do sessions with people, they tell me afterwards that when they listened to their recording again, they heard new things, or they re-experienced the healing session.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue — the perfect setting for a coaching/healing session! (Check picture, that was our setting, but then with less grass!)

Although we sat between plantain trees, we started the session meditating together under “the Baobab Tree.”

That is where I guided us and that's how we started. I find it important to create a safe and sacred space before we start.

I loved listening to what was going on for the person.

You know, there is healing power in just expressing what is going on with you to another person.

This is because 1) by expressing what's going on and talking from your heart, it becomes more clear in your own head.

And 2) an energetic healing happens when you are being witnessed with presence and love by someone else.

I am sure you have also experienced this — maybe with a friend who was there for you when you needed it.

The person I was guiding had experienced different types of sessions with psychologists and other therapists, loved meditating, and was always searching for more.

At the end of the session, the person said the techniques I had taught were new and very helpful ;-)

I am always surprised to see how the way I work can be so impactful, yet so simple! I give thanks to Spirit, my spiritual guides, my ancestors, and my higher self. Without them, it wouldn't be so powerful.

As I have mentioned before, I do not only work with the mind. I work with the energetic and unconscious realms. I work with what's going on in the body, sometimes even with the unseen.

Often, it is difficult to grasp why this works.

I am also still puzzled by it, and always nicely surprised!

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