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Come together

21jan'21: messages coming in strongly: we all have our own beliefs, right. we all have the feeling that we kinda know or feel what is true. these times are challenging concerning our beliefs and what we hold as the truth. what is 'the truth' anyway?

what about we all making an effort to listen to opposite opinions & beliefs with an open heart and without judgment? like open open, for real. what if we consciously search more about the opposite belief or opinion and deeply try to understand where the other side is coming from or why they believe what they believe.

this is not specifically to change our own opinion or belief, this is to create another energy around it all, a uniting energy and not a polarizing one. an energy that is not making your brain explode of intensity but brings you back to your heart. there is something about reaching out, being open & bridging that can be very healing. we are close to seeing people that think and act differently than us as the enemy. conflicts and divisions are slipping into families and in between friends. in which way is this serving us? can anyone tell me?

the more we try to understand the other side, are open to it or try not to judge,...the more we understand that deep down, we all want the same thing. let us not forget that♡

sending love to you💕

© Come together card, Oracle Deck from @Ashewellness, Accra, Ghana


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