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Every choice has a consequence💫

I remember as a teenager, I watched a movie called "The Butterfly Effect." I don’t recall the details from that movie, but the fact that I still remember it means that it had an impact on me.

The movie revolves around someone who can travel back in time with their adult mind and decides to alter events in the past to change their present. Years later, I watched "Mr. Nobody," which explores a similar theme.

What would happen if you could go back in time and change certain things in your past?

Sometimes, we wish we had acted differently, made different decisions, reacted differently, said something else, or had not experienced certain things.

every choice has a consequence

But without these events from the past, you wouldn’t be who you are today, and you wouldn’t be where you are now. Of course, there may be things you're dissatisfied with or find challenging, but how many things are there to be grateful for? How many blessings can you count?

Every choice has consequences.

If I hadn’t chosen to live in the mountains but in the city, it would have consequences.

If I hadn’t decided to exercise in the mornings, it would have consequences.

If I had chosen to stay in dynamics with unreachable men, it would have consequences.

For either choice, there are both "negative" and "positive" consequences. In my opinion consequences are actually neutral: they exist & how you deal with it is what gives it a certain color ;-)

Of course there are situations where we don’t have control.

It may seem like we're not the ones who can choose. I do agree that there are things in life beyond our control. But recently, I’ve been pondering this, and in my opinion, we always have a choice.

Doing something is a choice.

Not doing something is also a choice.

Saying something is a choice.

Not saying something is also a choice.

Accepting something is a choice.

Not accepting something is also a choice.

Even when you're not doing or saying something, it may feel as if you're not fully aware of the choice. Nevertheless, it’s still a choice.

And the key is to take responsibility and ownership for your choice. Whatever the choice is.

Perhaps we complain about something in our current lives or wish to see something differently. (Believe me, I am in that boat very often!!)

But how we handle that situation or that reality is OUR CHOICE. And that choice also has consequences. I'm certain it will influence your thoughts and feelings, for example!

Here are some interesting reflection questions to check in with yourself if you like to (I'm gonna answer them, too!):

  • What choices are you making today, and what consequences might they bring?

  • What are you complaining about, and how are you currently deciding to react to the situation?

  • Which choices have you made that have brought you where you are today? What blessings do you have because of them? What are you grateful for?

Because, you know, every choice also brings blessings.

Even if you don't see them right away.

I appreciate your presence here!!!

Thank you so much for reading these words that I am writing from my heart.


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