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Getting out of our heads

What I often see with my clients is that they try to figure out their lives with their minds, as if by thinking about it the solution will come.

And often, the solutions do come! If it's something practical, almost like solving a puzzle or creating a strategy for something.

However, the problem is that you can get stuck in your head.

You start thinking about all the possibilities or options: "What if I do this? But then this can happen... What if I do that? Oh no, but then what about that other thing then?"

By thinking a lot about it, fears and limiting thoughts can creep in: "What if it doesn't work? What if I fail? What will other people say? What if I end up alone?"

By living in our heads like that, days and days pass, but nothing really changes.

I am also a rational person. I love my mind and I love thinking! But I know that just thinking about things won't bring me further if I really want change. Whenever I realize I am too much in my head and overthinking it or getting stuck in my mind, I know what to do to shift energies!

And in my experience, the strongest way to get out of your head is to get into your body!

This might be different for everyone. It can be going for a run, dancing, meditating, working in the garden, or consciously feeling what is going on in your body.

Currently, my "go-to" technique is breathwork. It is simple because you just need your breath and yourself, but it can be so deep and profound. And your mind just can't win when you do breathwork. You start feeling different sensations that draw your attention to your body.

And in that space...

out of your mind,

into your body,

things become clear,

insights come,

healing happens.

I once wrote an article about breathwork if you feel like reading more about it: Why Breathwork can change your life!


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