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Her life is not how she wants it to be

Yesterday, I coached a client who felt stuck. Her life is not how she wants it to be. But when she tries to take any other direction, it doesn’t seem to work out, which — as you can imagine — brings up a lot of frustration, sadness, and fear. It also brings confusion and leaves her wondering what is the right direction.

She said it feels as if everything is moving forward while she is standing still.

The interesting thing about a situation like this is that it plays out on different levels, and it isn’t even necessarily true that one is stuck (even though it feels that way). It’s an experience and a deep emotion. While it feels like there is no other way out, most of the time, there is a way out.

At the beginning of the session, my client told her story, and it was important to give space to the emotions coming up. Emotions are tied to the body, so it was a physical experience too.

i am not where i want to be

After this, we found a very old energy that appeared as a woman. She represented an ancestral energy or something from a past life. It took a while to clear that energy, but my client said she felt lighter and different afterward.

Only then was there space to do some coaching as the heavy energies were lifted.

Often, people want to figure out the “how” or the “what.”

However, sometimes, other layers need to be tackled first. Then, the “how” and the “what” come by themselves. We worked around beliefs she had that were limiting her and made new ones to reprogram her outlook. We ended with some action steps that she would take!

I am curious to hear how things are going when I check in with her next week.

After a session like this, a lot of integration time is needed because it is not a regular coaching session. It is also deep, energetic work.

My client may not see the change immediately in the physical (Sometimes change is right there, though ;) ). But the stuck energy has moved.

She told me afterward that she had more space in her body and energy — in a good way.

She said she was suddenly progressing on things she had been trying for a long time!

What came to me when she said this was, “Yes, she is feeling this joy and sparkle of hope again.”

That’s why I love what I do! I love helping people remove blocks so they can go forward, go for that idea or dream and live to their potential☺️ Because there is always a way out :-)

The reason why I can do this work forever is that I work on so many layers and in different ways, and I love that variety! Everyone is different; every situation is different. There is no one size fits all solution. I never really know what I can expect. This work is full of surprises. That is so interesting to me!

Where do you feel you would like to move some energy or bring change? ;)

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