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Messages from Spirit (January 8, 2021)

Today I tuned in with Spirit and there were some messages coming through that I needed to share. I am very visual, so same like in aurareadings, I see an image and a message comes through to understand the image better. Also listen to the messages that come to you when you read the images, because the images have always deeper meanings. Sometimes we can feel it inside instead of understanding with our head. I recorded the messages and typed them out afterwards. Here we go! Enjoy!

- I see a mirror where people are looking into, at themselves, checking how their face looks like. And from behind, someone throws a stone in the mirror and the mirror is broken.

Message: no more time to keep on looking at appearances, how you look like, the external. Because that is not the core from what we need to do now. It is a distraction. The core of what we need to do now has to do with not looking at ourselves in the mirror, but removing the mirror so that we don`t focus on these appearances anymore and start doing other things and look within.

- Someone is swimming in the earth, swimming as if it was in water, but the person is swimming in the earth. There are these stones, tunnels, sand and other things. And all these type of brown and grey and black. This human being swimming in it is searching something. Then it finds gold, it goes up again to the surface of the earth and the human says: `okay, this is where we can find gold` and so everyone who is there starts digging in the soil. And while digging to get the gold, the earth is bleeding. The earth is like `why do they not get it?`, `why do they not understand what balance is?`

- A white girl is hanging on a balloon, she was holding the hand of a black girl on the earth, but the girl goes higher and higher with the balloon so she needs to release the hand of the black girl. The black girl throws a stone at the white girls balloon and the balloon explodes and the girl falls down, back to the earth. The black girl helps the white girl getting up and the white girl is pretty humble right now.

Message: once upon a time, the white girl and the black girl were seeing each other as equal and close. In this message, the white girl represents all the people that have been oppressing others for all these years and feeling `higher or better than others`/superior. The black girl represents all the people that have been oppressed, specifically the indigenous people. And their anger and fight for justice. The message says now the table is turning. For the ones representing the white girl, things are exploding, changing, falling down. For the ones that are representing the black girl it is important to reach out their hand, when they feel a certain humbleness arrived, to avoid renewed oppression and to live in love and balance.

- I see people dancing in a circle. holding hands, doing things with their feet. Going right, left, to the back, to the front. Their feet are tingling and the earth is tingling too. It is almost as if the feet of the earth and the feet of the people are touching each other and an exchange of energy is happening. As if these feet are activating the earth and because of that the earth is giving energy to the feet and the beings. And the group.

- I see a chicken and a man with a knife. The man is running after the chicken to cut the chickens head. When the man has the chicken, he cuts the chickens head and the chicken is laughing while the man is doing that.

Message: The chicken understands why he is giving his life and he is laughing because he knows that the man doesn't understand why he himself is living.

- I see a pink cloud. And the question arises: `what is behind the pink cloud? what is behind the pink cloud?`.

Message: La vie en rose. Important to know that there is something behind that makes this pink cloud a pink cloud. They are more specifically talking about certain privileges, luxuries, comfort (which represent `the pink cloud`) that is actually on the back of something or someone else.

- A man is cutting the gras with a grass machine, and children are coming out and are enjoying the smell of the freshly cut gras.

Message: it is like, new beginnings, you know. New beginnings come when you are able to cut the old out... when you understand that things need to be cut, in order for something to grow, for something new to grow, you need to cut.

- I see giants. And mountains. There is a connection between the mountains and the giants. when human beings see giants they freak out. Even mountains can sometimes intimidate human beings. At the same time they actually teach stableness and groundedness.

Message: the things that people fear the most, can also teach them what they need the most. The giants and mountains are teachers, for now. They are teachers because people loose their ground and so, it is a double message: literally: connect with giants and mountains. But it is also about: why are you afraid? If you are afraid, you are not grounded. Why are you afraid of the giants? It is about needing to be grounded, it is about: when you feel afraid, try to ask `what is it teaching me` so that you can be grounded. Because when you are grounded, you are not afraid. It is a circle.

- There are stars. I see the earth and there are soo many stars around the earth. And the stars, how i see them, they have different colors. And the colors are changing, the colors are very diverse, one next to the other. And then sometimes i see them grouping in the same colour, like that all the colors of the stars become green, or all the colors of the stars become red and when they group like that, their lights become dim.

Message: it reflects what happens within human beings on earth, that there is this fear of diversity, fear of mixing with people who are differently, who think differently, who act differently, look differently. And so what happens is that all these colors go together instead of being mixed and that is destroying so many things. Because it is in being mixed, same like in biodiversity, that things can grow and stay healthy. Doesn`t mean a blue star needs to change colour, just that there is a difference with a blue star the whole time staying with the blue stars instead of also hanging out with the purple and the yellow ones for example.

Sending love and light your way ~~


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Unknown member
Jan 08, 2021

Wow, these are just wow. And I love all the messages, it promises something better and it coming through is just another prove of our stronger connection to spirit now and spirit coming in to help us out here. Thank you so much for sharing this. The chicken laughs because he understands why he's giving his life and the man doesn't know why he is living. Powerful. ❤️✌🏿

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