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Rock(y) the mountains, respect nature, forgive, give a second chance, try to understand other people’s reality, ask questions, listen, respect your own rhythm and boundaries, communicate honestly, be aware of your privileges, feel how we are all interconnected, observe your emotions and learn from them, dare to dive deep, be kind to yourself, eat healthy (your food is your medicine), be happy when you fail, trust, ask for help if you need it, surround yourself with people who nourish your soul, know you are in the right place at the right moment, take actions (they speak louder than words), watch your words (they have an enormous power), watch your thoughts (they create your reality), be grateful, follow your joy, let go(d), feel music, dream, believe in your dreams, breathe in, breathe out, hug, laugh, cry, have patience, do something you never did before & spread


~ Reminders for myself, and for whoever wants them :)

You are loved!! PEACE.

Rocky Mountains, Canada, july 2018


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