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Water may be the strangest thing in the Universe

I watched a short video on Twitter with the title: 'water may be the strangest thing in the Universe'.  I already thought about this before but it always blows my mind that the water we are drinking and using now has been here for millions of years.

Like, this water is the same water as the water from the era of the dinosaurs!

water may be the strangest thing of the universe

Last week, I enjoyed my time at the seaside.

Man, it can be so healing to just walk barefoot on the sand and swim in the Ocean.

The ebb & flow of the water is a mystery to me, too. You can give me as much explanations as you want, but the fact that the water comes and goes in ebb and flow at the beach is really special to me. It makes the ocean a real living being if you think about it. It moves, it changes. And it reminded me of myself, as I also live with ebbs and flows in my life. As we all do, I guess.

Being by the sea also made me think about how much we objectify nature.

A tree is not an object. A tree is a living being. Water is not an object. Water is a living being. Do you approach water in that way? Do you give sweet honey to that water?

Do you give your gratitude to water? Do you fill your water with well wishes and blessings before you drink it?

These are just some questions, but it represents a worldview, that we have lost, I believe. These are practices or tiny rituals you can integrate in your daily life. We've forgotten how everything is so interconnected.


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