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What would other people think?

Do you recognize this: you are talking with a friend about something. You are both engaging in the conversation and it's a topic that you find important.

Then your friend starts sharing her opinion, and in head you think: “Wow, these views are very different from mine.”

You don’t actually agree, but you keep your thoughts to yourself.

You don’t want to get into a discussion; you don’t want her to think that you have a very different view on it all. It feels uncomfortable, but you prefer keeping the peace.

After saying goodbye to your friend, you still have a knot in your stomach. You wish you could have shared your view and opinion too.

“Why did I just shut up?

Why didn’t I say anything?”

In a way, you feel disappointed that you didn’t dare to show yourself completely.

The knot in your stomach persists. You just hope it will go away.

The reason why this is happening is because you don’t want to be rejected. You want to be liked.

This is totally normal because somewhere along the way, you learned it was better to stay quiet than to voice your opinions and views.

You can't imagine you would be the one creating tension or disruption by sharing what you actually think.

What happens is that, by trying to keep the peace, you are not fully being yourself.

And that doesn’t feel good.

Your body is even telling you that.

In a situation like that, your fears are still running the show. But when you have the tools to deal with your fears and when you heal wounds about wanting to be liked and accepted, everything changes!

Once you are not afraid anymore of conflict, people not liking you, or rejection, you are less afraid to show who you are and to share what you have to say! You may even realize there wouldn't have been rejection or conflict in the first place.

Confidently, you share your opinion without worrying about the other person's reaction

You even share your views and engage with ease and a calm feeling inside.

In Rooted Within, you dive deep into healing journeys where old wounds resolve. For weeks, you work on these topics so you become more confident and walk with trust.

Through teachings, exercises, and different experiences, you learn how to deal with your fears and insecurities in such a way that they don’t block you anymore.

Read more here about Rooted Within!

The page is updated and there are lots of new things to read and explore ;-) Including Frequently Asked Questions!


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