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When I am scared, I run away.

When I am scared or don’t feel good enough, I have the tendency to run away. This translates itself in: procrastinating or avoiding what I need to do or want to do.

ln this way I try to prevent myself of being hurt, of getting in a conflict, of people not liking me or receiving criticism. But what do I really gain by running away? Do I reach what I want to reach? Am I really doing what I want to do?

When I am scared, I also worry a lot. My mind goes into overdrive with all these situations or assumptions that don’t even exist. It makes me think negatively, makes me feel small and hopeless. How many energy and time I’ve lost just by worrying…I can’t even start counting😅

How do you react when you are scared? Or when you don’t feel worthy enough?

when i am scared i run away or avoid

Do you procrastinate, too? Do you try to remove yourself from the situation? Do you ignore what’s happening? Do you start worrying? Do you make yourself smaller than you are? Or do you become aggressive? Do you blame the other person? Or maybe it’s a combination of different things? Recognizing when you are scared is the first step. And then recognizing how you react is the second😉

I challenge you the coming week to observe yourself and to write the answers to the following questions: Where is it that I feel fear? And how do I react to it?

Asking myself those questions is how I started transforming the fears that came up for me.

Recognizing it! Yes!

I believe tackling your fear isn’t only a rational process though. Yes, it has to do with your conscious mind. But it also has to do with certain beliefs that live in your subconscious. Fear also lives in your body and energetic field.

If you are ready to dig deeper, to recognize your patterns and to tackle your fears and feeling of unworthiness from their roots, I might have a great offering for you.

Check out below how you can work with me!

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