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Where will we be in 2044?

I went to the lakeside for a weekend. Some of you might recognize the lake at the picture. It's a lovely place in Ghana. Swimming, enjoying sobolo on the roof terrace, being with my loved ones. It can be so good to take a break.

slowing down - where will we be in 2044

Currently I am learning how to slow down, take breaks and rest. Strangely enough that's not easy for me. I am a passionate person, I like to do things and work. But I also understand now that always being productive and working really isn't the way to go. I don't know if you recognize this. I know many people are going through this.

Things can feel too much or overwhelming these days.

So many impulses, too. It feels weird to continue a kind of rat race. And for what? Many people are craving rest, slow living, instead of rush-rush-rush, workworkwork or do-do-do. Sometimes I really laugh with myself, living in Ghana, having created this different lifestyle for myself, and still struggling with that energy too. It's an energy. I grew up with it. And it is a conscious choice to change it. I know it's possible too :-) I mainly use self coaching, inner child work & breathwork to change this in my life.

Sometimes I wonder if it has to do with the period of rest we experienced during the Covid era. It just isn't that easy anymore to continue to live in the same way as we did before Covid.

I do know it has to do with a system that slowly but surely is crumbling.

A system that also lives within us. Things are changing. Things crumbling also means: something new arising! I wonder how we will look at this period when it is 2044.

Where will we be in 2044?

This might be a strange question for you. I actually also didn't think about 2044 until recently. Until I learned that planet Pluto is entering Aquarius on March 23th, 2023. And wil stay there until 2044.

For many people this doesn't mean anything. For myself, astrology has been very helpful to understand my own life and also certain world events. I am a very future-minded person. And I like to understand what is happening and to look at it from a bigger perspective.

Pluto going into Aquarius is bringing a huge shift. The last time Pluto passed through Aquarius was from 1777 to 1797, a period where the French and American Revolutions happened.

I am not here to scare you or anything.

If you feel fear coming up though, one of my offerings might help you out ;-) hehe. I guide you through the changes. Through the pains, through the transformations. That's what I am here for.

But yeah, where will we be in 2044?

The world will be a different place. Earth will still be here, but how will our world look like? What society will we be living in?

A lot will depend of the choices we make today. The tiny choices, the big choices. All the energy we put in today, together, for a future we want to see, is influencing the future we will get.


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