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Why should I make a vision board?

You may have heard people talking about a vision board and you may be interested in exploring it more or to creating one yourself. What is a vision board actually? A vision board is a collage of pictures, photos, quotes, words and colors that represent your dreams, goals or visions that you have for your life, or a specific theme. Did you ever wonder why people make vision boards?

What is a vision board's purpose?

The reason why people make vision boards is pretty simple. When you intentionally put your attention towards what you want, you give it energy. When you give something energy, it grows. When you make these intentions and goals visual, our brain also registers it, which makes it believe it is really possible to achieve it.

Creating a vision board first of all helps you to get more clarity about what you really want in life or around a specific theme. This is also because by making a vision board we self-reflect and this gives us insight into what is more important to us. In this sense, you bring more clarity in your awareness.

The power in a vision board lies in the fact that you not only work with your mind, but also with your intuition and your heart. On top of that, you use your creativity and this activates the right side of your brain.

While creating a vision board, you focus on positive outcomes. You focus on a future or reality that makes you feel good, that you want for yourself. Continuously focusing on this desired reality, sends signs to your unconsciousness and helps you already ‘feel’ that reality’. ‘Feeling’ and ‘believing’ this positive future for yourself can help create it. It is linked to the power of visualization and also the idea of self fulfilling prophecy. When you can see something in your mind's eye and visualize it or when you ‘expect’ or ‘believe’ something to happen, your behavior and actions will align more and more so that they fulfill that belief.

What is on a vision board?

You can choose how to create a vision board and what is on it. Most of the time people choose a topic they want to work around. It can be your life in general. It can be your love life or what you are searching for in a partner. It can be what kind of job you want or how you want your professional life to look like. It can be your dream house. About your health, money, travel and so on. You can also combine different topics.

What is on the vision board is up to you. You can use pictures and photos that you create or get from newspapers and magazines. You can even browse online to find pictures. You can use natural materials like leaves, or you can paint or draw.

Basically everything that you will put on this vision board will be around what you really feel you want to happen around this theme. The most important thing is that you put things on your vision board that motivate you, that you feel good about, that give you hope, that make you happy, that represent you and who you are or what you find important.

How to make a vision board?

There are no rules for creating a vision board, as everyone is different. It is more about how you can create something that inspires you to make your dreams a reality. If you don’t know how to start a vision board, there are a few steps you can follow to create a vision board:

  1. Decide if you will make a general vision board or one around a certain topic. Make a decision.

  2. Close your eyes and think about your topic: what do you want to happen? When do you feel good about that topic? What does your ideal future around this topic look like? Try to be as specific as possible. What do you see, hear, smell, feel? For some people, it can be interesting to work around specific goals they have already set beforehand.

  3. Get all your materials together. Search for a big A3 white paper or carton to make the vision board on. Search for painting and drawing materials, glue, tape, quotes, mantras, pictures and photos that you feel good around and have to do with your topic and what you want for your future. You can also decide to make a vision board on your computer. Try to find vivid, attractive images.

  4. When you have everything you need, you can start. Here it is very important you don’t only use your head, but also your intuition and heart. You can think first what you want to make, but you can also just start and go with the flow. Sometimes when you just start writing things, using colors and pasting images, without over thinking too much, a reality emerges on your paper that comes from deep within. When you write something on the vision board, don’t make it too long. In this way it catches your eye when you look at it later when it hangs somewhere in your house.

  5. Continue until you feel you are ready. Sometimes it takes more days to finish the vision board. Acknowledge this. If you are not ready yet, you can just continue another time.

  6. Hang the vision board somewhere where you can see it every day. Every time when you look at it, you will send a sign to your subconscious mind about this reality you are working towards and believing in. Have patience for this reality to unfold.

If you have difficulties believing this future will become your reality, it is important to explore the limiting beliefs you have. You can also try to ‘reprogram’ yourself by using different mantras. You can also search where these beliefs are coming from. Sometimes those beliefs are attached to coping mechanisms from when we were young.

Update your vision board so it stays in alignment with who you are!

We are human beings. We change, our situations change, our wishes and dreams change. This means after a while it might be that your vision board doesn’t align anymore with who you are. Maybe you have reached those dreams, maybe you have different dreams. Don’t be scared to change or update something! You can change the same vision board by removing some things and adding other things until it feels aligned again. You can also create a whole new vision board. Or create different vision boards for different themes. In this way your vision board(s) change with you and with how your life unfolds.

Have you made a vision board before? How did that feel? If you would make a vision board now, what would the topic be? Let me know in the comments. I also love receiving your answers via mail !

Have a great day!


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