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You are here on Earth for a reason

Every one of us is such a miracle here on Earth🌱 There were so many chances for things to go wrong in conception, in the pregnancy, in the delivery, in the first year, in the years leading up to this one. But yet, here we are. Alive and kicking. With our unique gifts, dreams and talents!

I strongly believe we are here on planet Earth for a reason. Every one of us!

We are here on Earth with our own palette of skills & gifts, so we can contribute to the whole of society.

you are here for a reason

Honestly, I am happy there are people who love plumbing! I am grateful for doctors and medicine men. I am happy there are people who are good at mathematics and accounting! That there are people who know how to design or build houses. That there are people who love teaching yoga. That there are people who love working in a bar! That there are people who love driving cars or buses or who love fixing them 😉

Everyone is different, and that is our strength. We need this diversity to make society work. Imagine that everyone in the world wants the same. That would never work. We need people to use their gifts and talents. To share them with the world!

That’s the only way our society will work properly. What are your gifts and talents? What are your dreams? And are you sharing them with the world?

Many times we don’t fully share who we are, what we can do or what we want to do.

Many times, we don’t go for what we really want to do, for our dreams… We think we are not good in it, that we still need to learn more, that we are not ready yet, that it won’t help other people, that no one will be interested, that we will fail and so on.

All these are thoughts in our mind that are not true! It is really time to overcome our fears. We need you! The world needs your medicine! It’s a decision you make! To face your fears and to go for what you feel deep inside. Even if you are scared, even if you are trembling. I know sometimes it’s easier said than done ;) I can guide you in this. See how you can work with me or sign up for my newsletter for more inspiration.


This text was Ama's newsletter on December 19th, 2022.


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